Fierce criticism and the shadow of the false 9, but Morata is still the man of destiny for Spain | first page

Fierce criticism and the shadow of the false 9, but Morata is still the man of destiny for Spain |  first page

Destiny man. in good , like tonight, And in the badas on occasion Lost the semi-finals to Italy In the recent European Championships, when he scored the temporary advantage goal, then equalized by his then-partner Federico Chiesa, and Missed the decisive penalty kick in the last lottery: in spite of everything, Alvaro Morata in Spain is always highly criticized, but he has also been raised. IST youReal striker, in the land of false 9.

Guardiola, lying 9 and Spain Pep Guardiola said: My midfield attacker is space.But City wanted Haaland. Luis Enrique thinks the same when he lines up with Ferran Torres and Asensio, but then The match against Germany is unlocked by him, the former Juventus substitute. The striker role is one that is often reviled and criticized, but that is it In modern football, it is still often decisive: even in Spain, the first country to decide that it can even be dispensed withdespite of The victories came in the era of Fernando Torres and David Villa.

Criticism, Luis Enrique and Country VsBest player in Spain-Germany, On the net 8 minutes after entering the field. in general for him Two goals in 69 minutesAfter meeting Costa Rica: “I’m not interested in playing more or less than others. I’m in the World Cup: it doesn’t matter if I don’t have to play more, I’m interested in winning it. Luis Enrique helped me a lot. It’s hard to explain. He trusted me in the most difficult moments, not only in my career, because I had other difficult moments, but also in my personal life. I felt that I had whole country against me, It was very difficult and he stood up and defended me against everyone. I’m just trying to give him back his trust and everything he’s done for me.”.

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The man on the covers – these words testify The type of bond that exists between the Atletico Madrid striker and his coachwho supported him even after the incendiary elimination from the last European round e Protect him from the harsh criticism of football fans red temptations. The shadow of accusations, the shadow of false 9, but in the end man is always destiny, With Japan and a second round on the horizon, to take the covers back.


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