Torino Atalanta 3-0 Gasperini: “A really bad match, but there are some absences”

Torino Atalanta 3-0 Gasperini: “A really bad match, but there are some absences”

The Nerazzurri coach’s statements at the end of the match against Granata are valid in the 14th round of the Italian League

At the conclusion of the match between Torino and Atalanta, in the 14th round of the Italian League, Nerazzurri coach Gian Piero announced: Gasperini I spoke into microphones DAZN To comment on the match. Below are his statements.

Performance was below your standards today, was there an explanation?“There will be time in the next few days for analysis, it should not be done now. Really bad performance, obviously there are also some absences and several players missing in the same department. However, it is not the whole team that is pulling the cart at the moment and we have to To think well.”

Today the team looked scary.“Yes, there were also some good performances. Some were invincible and you shouldn’t give up everything. Others work hard and don’t understand the effort and spirit of their teammates.”

How do you rate De Ketelaer’s performance?“He did some good things, he was also a good reference and Bongiorno’s warning came late. He had a lot of fouls at the same level that Scalvini was booked for. He needs to grow but it could be done to him.”

Would less occluded braces be of benefit?“Let’s see who we can catch. Torino played a good game but it was a performance on our hands. Ending the game with that penalty kick is not good either. Matches last 90 minutes, we are negative in the rings but we always have been. We also became one in the situation.”

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