Ricardo Guarnieri leaves the programme

Ricardo Guarnieri leaves the programme

According to the predictions of the new recording of the film “Men and Women”, Riccardo Guarnieri intends to leave the program.

Today, Saturday, October 15, 2022, a new registration for men and women. As always to detect Details and previews Insider Lorenzo Bugnaloni’s Instagram page Menedonneclassicoeover took care of it. And even in this new recording, there was no shortage of it real fluctuationsEspecially with regard to the throne. But Riccardo Guarnieri is really ready and determined to leave the program Who is Kanal Singh? And for what reason? Does Ida Platano have anything to do with it? Let’s find out more below.

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Men and women, Riccardo Guarnieri leaves the program

Previews – always provided by Lorenzo Bugnaloni on his Instagram page Menedonneclassicoeover – revealed interesting news especially regarding the throne. The episode recently resumed, recording started yesterday Ida Platano and Alessandro Vicenanza. Maria De Filippi premiered yesterday’s post-episode video where the two are arguing for Roberta de Padua.

We actually remember that the lady had intervened in their discussion yesterday and admitted that she did not believe in Alessandro’s love for Ida. Returning to today’s episode, Platano said that she did not go out yesterday evening with Alessandro because she was angry and Because of some looks Roberta and the jockey exchanged.

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Which Maria de Filippi intervened, and advised them to clarify. They danced together and during the dance, Ida left the studio. Immediately afterwards, Alessandro joined her for clarification. Once back in the studio, the presenter tried to get them to think, and then made them dance together.

While the two were dancing together, Riccardo Guarnieri, who had already snooped during their discussion, decided to leave the studio this time. And this is exactly where He allows himself to go into a disturbing confession: wants to leave the program. To which Maria de Filippi hinted that he still loves her ex-husband. But he made it clear that he was sad that he was unable to establish a civil relationship with her. At this point, there’s only one thing to ask: is he really going to leave or not?

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