March 25, 2023

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Goodbye car tax, if you own these cars, you don’t have to pay them: don’t waste money

Thanks to the new laws, more car owners will finally be able to say goodbye to road tax, just inquire to avoid paying it without falling into an illegal situation.

Goodbye car tax – Motori.News

this news Opens the hearts of many Italian familiesAnd that in recent months it has received real stings from inflation.

In fact, many They had to face the difficulty of having to move forward, Paying exorbitant taxes, spending three times more at the supermarket than at the gas pump, while always having the same salary at his disposal. In short, life today has become a nightmare.

The tax that Italians hate is the stamp, and that’s why

Regarding cars, many motorists choose not to use private vehicles, and prefer public vehicles such as buses, to save money, reduce wear and not own the car. Constant need for fuel.

Gasoline and diesel are again close to €2 per liter but now there is more fear because from March 31, 2022, there will be no cut in production charges, unless this It was not extended until December by the new government.

Among all taxes, Most hated is the car tax that many motorists choose not to pay You carry the risk of receiving large fines directly in your home. Unlike insurance, road tax must be paid regardless, as it is not related to the rotation of the vehicle but to its possession. if present, Even if it is always stationary in the garage, The seal must be pushed to be in good condition.

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Government aid, here’s how not to pay tax

During these months, the government tried to help the residents by giving them the opportunity to get a reward for buying an electric car. It is certainly an important help, but it is not enough.

Because after buying the carYou have to pay taxes, which is really hard. Going back to the stamp duties, the news that has pleased many Italians is that whoever pays them must Because it has no exceptions, You can do this by taking advantage of the 20% discount, simply by choosing to pay by direct domiciliation in your checking account.

instead You can inform yourself to understand whether you are entitled to an exemption. Anyway, those who are covered Law 104or those who have vintage car Or who has some? A new generation of electric cars. Rather, in terms of insurance, it is clear that this has to be paid regardless but you have the opportunity to take advantage of various discounts including those associated for example with the Bersani law. Before choosing the right insurance for you, you can also request quotes online that will allow you to save a lot.