The old Italian coin that is worth a fortune! Discover its amazing value

The old Italian coin that is worth a fortune!  Discover its amazing value

It’s amazing, but sometimes an old coin of the ancient lira can literally reach amazing numbers. Do you think he is? Discover the exceptional value of this rare coin.

Among the ancient coins, there are many specimens that are nowadays worth a real fortune. This is true, because the lira not only left us with beautiful memories, but also managed to make us dream today.

These are particularly rare coins and, therefore, are highly sought after by collectors and numismatic enthusiasts. Due to the fact that these samples of the old lira have a much higher market demand than supply, they manage to reach a very interesting and sometimes unexpected money price. Just like the old Italian coin we’re going to talk about today.

As always, before knowing what coin we are talking about and what its current value is, we must remember that not all coins receive noteworthy monetary appraisals. At the evaluation stage, in fact, there are some important criteria to consider, because they strongly affect the value of the coins both negatively and positively.

Firstly, as mentioned earlier, the value of the coin is affected rarity. It would be difficult to find a specimen minted in a limited number of pieces, therefore, the market demand would be higher than the supply. As a result, a much higher sales value. But rarity is not always enough, because coin collectors and enthusiasts are also interested in it conservation status of samples. A rare coin that has scratches or signs of wear may not receive attractive offers. The music changes if you encounter a piece in perfect condition, which in jargon is called Fior di Conio. In the case of a rare, uncirculated coin, it can reach really unexpected numbers.

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The old Italian coin that is worth a fortune

The piece we are talking about today is part of the samples that were minted in the years after the Second World War, specifically we are talking about the famous piece 1 pound of orange. The coin is made in Italy and features a depiction of an entire orange with a branch and leaves on the reverse. Hence the name 1 orange lira.


there 1 pound of orange It was minted from 1946 to 1949, but the rarest and most sought-after, nowadays, are those made in 1947. In this case, one orange lira can more than 1,000 eurosprovided that it is kept in perfect condition, therefore, Fior di Conio.

In short, a really not bad value for a “little change” you could find at the bottom of your grandparents’ drawer!

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