Report of the match between Napoli and Salernitana

Report of the match between Napoli and Salernitana

Dia in the history of Salernitana and Salernitana wrote the story of her salvation in Naples. In the blue field, in a field ready to celebrate the Scudetto, it was Midas is king The grenade allows himself the luxury of eluding Osimhen, raising his head and daring the impossible: a left-footed shot into the seven, hitting Merritt. In the 83rd minute, the Bombs pack the feat and then defend it with broad shoulders for a strong, powerful team with attributes.

the environment

Maradona stadium welcomes Salernitana And a few bomb partisans located in the far sector residing outside the prefecture and equipped with a fan card. After the fans and the full energy they received at Salerno’s departure, in front of Novitel, the Bersagliera players dive into the derby. They go to the field knowing the result of Inter Lazio: the Nerazzurri won the comeback (3-1), and Napoli and Napoli prepared for the possibility of winning by closing the accounts also with the account and sewing the third Scudetto in the history of their release.


Sousa challenges the fist by deploying the best possible formation, that is, without being affected by the calculations for the alerts in the team: in the starting formation there are Bradaric, Vilhena and Gyomber. On the bench, but already suspected of being occupied, Piatek and Bronn took a seat. The surprise is Pasquale Mazzocchi: “He’s very close to playing from the start,” said Paulo Souza. It happened: No. 30 and arm band, Paco who grew up in Parra is challenging Napoli for the first time in his career. Mazzocchi against Kvaratskhelia, Kastanos as an all-rounder but above all under striker with Candreva behind Dia.

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the match

Napoli slingers immediately in attack, the first danger in the second minute: a mistake in disengaging by Candreva, Lozano’s quick cross for Osimhen who heads wide. Bradarić also has his difficulties against Lozano: in the 12th minute the Mexican escapes in the right lane and goes down on the edge of the area due to an incursion by Oliveira. Right foot shot and high ball over the crossbar. Then Gato Ochoa put his gloves on the masked Napoli striker’s head in the 23rd minute. Then two bombs struck: Mazzocchi’s cross was spoiled by Oliveira (Meret does not trust neither Samnacchia); Candreva crosses at the head of Dia, who deflects, but without directing the ball. At the end of the break, Ochoa still vigil lashes Anguissa off the ledge.


Sousa leaves Candreva in the locker room and inserts Bothem. It’s up to him to join the Anguissa-Di Lorenzo chain and provide support for Dia. Grenade POSS: Mark Cvarachilla’s right foot. The Georgian activates it in the 51st minute: a spin-loaded shot, just high. Spalletti reviews Zielinski, a yellow card, and Lozano. Elmas and Raspadori enter. The formation of Napoli becomes 4-2-3-1 and it pays off immediately. The hosts get a powerful corner kick to include Oliveira whose header, free to finish the match, beats Ochoa (62′). Souza responded to three substitutions: Piatek, Sambia, Buhinen for Matzuchi, Bradarić and Vilhena. Meanwhile, in the 75th minute, Castanos scored Salernitana’s first real shot on goal. But then you enter the Zia area. Serpentine on the right wing, heads up, he can cross but he believes it. He raises his head again, takes aim and blows the net with his left hand. It’s 83 minutes and the Grenades make it 1-1. Then Lovato came to Daniljuk and Ochoa said no to Kvaratskhelia’s shot. Bohinen in the 90th minute misses a potential 1-2 goal with a header. Then still Gato Ochoa then deified grenades.

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