February 5, 2023

Hardwood Paroxysm

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Juventus and Allegri sent off: “One of the Inter kicked me. Referee Valeri was good”

“My expulsion? Simple, one ofInter And kicked me. I turned around, went crazy and at that moment the referee rightly kicked me out. But that doesn’t change anything, we have to congratulate our opponents on the win.” JuventusAnd Massimiliano Allegritells what happened in the last few minutes of the final Italian Cup lost 4-2. Seats, on more than one occasion, have been in contact. Insults and threats flew. And as Allegri said, kick too.

But the coach, despite this episode, promotes the referee Valerie: “The referee directed with great power, he was good. I can only congratulate Inter who played a good match, the referee who managed a good match, the boys who played a good match. We scored an important goal that was difficult to achieve. It came in January, now we have to finish. In the best possible way and resume next year Winning goal again. We must keep the anger accumulated after tonight’s defeat for next season.” In addition to Allegri, one of Inter’s most agitated. Lautaro MartinezJuventus player Bernardeschi And Nerazzurri assistant coach Massimiliano Faris.

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