€200 Bonus: Who gets the fuel discount? Revenue agency notes

€200 Bonus: Who gets the fuel discount?  Revenue agency notes

The refueling privileges are numerous, from a 200 euro bonus to “self for allAnd a 10% discount.

the 200 euro fuel bonus was introduced with Decree-Law n. 21/2022.


However, be careful, because the term “rewards“It may be misleading. In fact, it is not about disbursing sums of money, but about tax relief Vouchers issued by the employer.

with the Circular No. 27/E of 14 July 2022the Revenue Agency clarified the subjective and objective conditions of the €200 bonus, which is only intended private staff. Let’s analyze, then, the scale and find out who are the lucky beneficiaries of facilitation.

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€200 fuel bonus: is it for everyone?

One of our readers sent us the following question:

Good afternoon, My sister and I have been taking care of our non-dependent parents for a long time and both are with 104. My sister and I work as private employees in multinational companies. Can we ask for a 200 euro bonus for fuel? If yes, then how? Thank you. “

the 200 euro fuel bonus It was predicted beforeArticle 2 of Decree-Law n. 21/2022. that it Tax free voucher of up to €200To supply cars with fuel. In short, an IRPEF exemption is provided on these vouchers. This includes gasoline, diesel, LPG, methane and recharging of batteries for electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles.

there Circular No. 27/E of 2022 of the Revenue Authority I specified that the recipients of the measure are exclusively i workers in the private sector, as stipulated in the Decree-Law. This includes companies and the self-employed with employees and public economic bodies.

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There are no income restrictions for recognizing the €200 bonus and it is Compatible with other benefits. However, in this case, the tax exemption amounts to a up to a maximum of 258.23 euros.

It is important to stress that this is not the employer’s obligation, but only one college.

Our reader and his sister, as private employees, received a bonus of 200 euros. However, they are recognized automatically, without the need for an application. Therefore, it is likely that the employer does not expect it.

We point out that, as carers of two disabled people under Law 104, in addition to the 200 € bonus they are entitled to receive Two other refueling perks. Let’s find out which ones.

self for allAn opportunity not to be missed

We inform the reader that a beneficial initiative is active for him Disabled motorists and their caregiverspromoted Eni station And from Federation of Italian Paralysis Associations (FAIP). It’s about the projectself for all“.

Many disabled people are not able to refuel at self-service stations on their own. To allow everyone to use this service (while saving relative fuel economy by using “Do it yourself), you can take advantage of Support authorized personnel.

There is, among other things, a minimum percentage of disability to access facilitation. With two parents with Code 104, that procedure is also up to our reader.

Based on the provisions Memorandum of Understanding signed by the Federation of Italian Associations of Persons with Spinal Cord Injury (FAIP Onlus), Unione PETROLIFERA and operators represented by trade associations FAIB Confesercenti, Fegica CISL and Figisc / Anisa Confcommercioalmost 430 Tamoil, Eni and Q8 distributors who participated in the initiative.

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It is possible to find out the list of all participating service stations (both road and motorway), by referring to Tamuel site.

For more information, read the following article:Law 104: Discount on Gasoline for Everyone Goodbye car tax, lots of discounts for motorists and families“.

Not just a €200 bonus: who gets a 10% discount?

Finally, the reader can take advantage of another feature dedicated to the disabled and carers. consists of one 10% discount on fuel, introduced in February 2020 and confirmed for this year as well. Basically, you can get a discount 10 cents per liter of fuel (gasoline, diesel, LPG and methane).

Interested party must first access Petroleum union portal Consult the list of all distributors committed to the initiative. After choosing the nearest service station, you just need to inform the service operator that you intend to use the discount and leave your personal data. The discount also applies to self-service refueling.

If you have any doubts or want to ask a question about Social Security, the tax, or Law 104, Submit your question here.

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