Starfield and bugs: do they really make a difference in such gigantic games?

Starfield and bugs: do they really make a difference in such gigantic games?

There are still a few days left and we will finally be able to see if this is even possible starfield It’s up to the big ones Huge expectations of players. After all, we’re talking about a new IP from Bethesda, the house behind The Elder Scrolls and Fallout, and even just an idea. “Space Skyrim” It excites many people’s imaginations.

As is customary for matches eagerly awaited by the general public, even in the case of Starfield, fans’ eyes stare nervously at the expiry date of the global press’ ban on reviewing the calendar, while their ears try to catch every bit of information. It can hit the lucky ones who actually play it. One such thing is that Starfield will apparently be Bethesda’s least buggy game ever.

Of course, given the conditions of the studio’s previous games, no one seems to know the outcome, but from the testimonials collected by Insider Gaming’s Tom Henderson, it really seems that next September 6th (or September 1st for those who bought) the premium version) we’ll find it in our hands. Very clean experience Even comparing it to other games on the market, with bugs that seem like you can count on the fingers of one hand over dozens of hours of play.

A surprising detail, given that if confirmed it would break The Historical Tradition of Bethesda To release games so full of bugs on the market that a bunch of modders were already organizing themselves to quickly create a hobbyist patch to fix the game’s flaws and now it seems their intervention won’t be necessary.

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Starfield: Can so many mistakes influence the refereeing of such a big game?

Let me be clear, this is undoubtedly a positive factor, provided it is confirmed in practice, however one wonders if the bug factor, aside from the Bethesda tradition and memes on the subject, is in fact a negative factor. negative element Quite impressive when it comes to huge, highly ambitious games like Starfield.

The truth is that, ignoring the flaws in the game code, the company has always created games that have managed to impress critics and audiences thanks to their indisputable qualities, and desirability. lowering the gaze (sometimes even both) encountering what the problem is here and there.

And in general we think the standard general tolerance Compared to bugs, but we also include problems of a technical and performance nature, which are much higher than what actually appears from the comments made on social networks and forums by enthusiasts, especially when it comes to games considered to be of great quality or in any case to which fans are particularly attached. .

If we want to give some recent examples, we can mention Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, which despite the harsh criticism from the community that prompted the Pokémon Company to apologize publicly, still sells tens of millions of copies and is among the best-selling titles in the world. series. Or again GTA The Trilogy, a compilation that some see as a real insult to Rockstar’s beloved series, but which in any case seems to have surpassed the 14 million copy mark. Granted, in these two examples we are talking about sales and not actual appreciation, which are two different things, but even the media storms involving these two headlines don’t seem to dampen buyers’ interest.

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What do you think, Errors are really a big factor In massive, ambitious games like Starfield? Overall, how much do errors affect your overall rating?

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