Refrigerator, foods that you should not miss in September, as it is the appropriate season

Refrigerator, foods that you should not miss in September, as it is the appropriate season
La Terra del Gusto refrigerator

Fridge, you can’t miss these foods now. September is their month. Take note.

autumn It’s getting close since summer is practically over. Of course, it’s still hot especially in the south and early afternoon, but sure Temperatures dropped. It also gets dark earlier which makes us spend more time indoors We lived Alone or with our loved ones.

So it’s really nice to be organised Sunday lunches and dinners with friends To chat about everything. And then maybe continue watching a good movie or TV series. The wonderful thing, then, is when darkness does not obscure the sun, andHave a nice outing He is the savior of both the body Both for Mind.

And doing it in company is more beautiful than admirable Gorgeous colours This alone autumn He knows how to give us gifts in an honest and generous way. Moreover, between step and chat, we can also decide which is which Prepared menu for the week. This way we will avoid making wrong purchases when we devote ourselves to it Expenses.

Refrigerator, these foods should not be missing in September

This is definitely a winning and convincing piece of advice given to us by the wonderful woman Benedetta Rossi which she quietly applies in her own Everyday life. Obviously, we will then have to carefully write all these things down either on our cell phone or on a piece of paper The foods and products we need Complete with quantities, as accurate as possible.

However, in doing so, we must also take into account that with Change of season It changes our diet in some way. And not just in the sense that as temperatures drop, so do we Eat hot dishes instead of cold. Let’s say we’ll have to stay Pay more attention to some foods to buy Especially in this period. Then they go Stored in the refrigerator.

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Figs, mushrooms and pumpkin are la terra del gusto

Foods to focus on now

And this happens above all in relation to Fruits and vegetablesto. And we are talking about foods that we should not lose from our diet every season of the year. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to do this The price increases In some frightening cases, which have also affected this sector recently. However, for now it will be necessary Buy figsBeside Mushrooms And First pumpkin.

Moreover, these are the last weeks that would be nice to enjoy Peaches, plum And plum. Then we try to avoid buying export products Let’s count more on zero kilometeror. This way we can be sure to eat fruits and vegetables Single And definitely more healthy.

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