Redevelopment of the Milazzo Barracks: two decades of science and tourism

Redevelopment of the Milazzo Barracks: two decades of science and tourism

The first project has been launched and will be able to be completed by September, while the other has been given the green light by Gal for an additional €100,000 loan and will make it possible to make the now converted area suitable for hosting cultural initiatives. The Ex Casermette areas, in Capo Milazzo, in the land currently under the jurisdiction of the marine protected area, are ready to change its face and turn it into a multifunctional site. The intervention, which has already begun, concerns the arrangement of the two barracks and the entire green area, abandoned until a few years ago (about 2000 m²), to be used as a center for sea turtles, in collaboration with Marevivo and Ovud (Veterinary Hospital of the University of Messina) and for the Laamp Visitor Centre. These works could have been carried out in a strategic area that you cross before reaching the famous pools of Venus – confirms the president Giovanni Mangano – Under a signed handover with the regional government.
A six-year agreement allowing the management consortium to carry out the redevelopment of existing buildings (the barracks was where the Navy kept weapons until the end of the 1970s) by creating amp support structures, such as a tourist point, a visitor center, an environmental education center, and an information and reception area for entering visitors protected.

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