Big Rom is leaving Chelsea

Big Rom is leaving Chelsea

The Belgian, ready to halve his salary, will have to convince the new owner to lend him a loan

Monday Chelsea will be officially American: The night that just passed the club announced that it would be completed at the beginning of the week Move to the Clearlake Capital Fund. Monday, or in any case in the immediate following days, Lukaku’s trusted lawyer will be able to meet with Inter . executives At the express request of the Belgian striker to try to see if there is the slightest room to maneuverThe process is back. The two things are tied together because if Big Rom seems willing to do anything to get back, Rather, he cut the salary in half to 7 million euros Representing the Nerazzurri’s salary cap, he will then have to explain his farewell to the new Blues leadership and find a way to make it possible. Inter at the moment a spectator. Lukaku, who had ruled any other solution or destination off his horizon, told his old colleagues that he intended to Bringing the Scudetto back to the Nerazzurri shirts: To do that, however, he has to convince Chelsea – an almost impossible task – to let him leave on loan.

In short, Inter at this point is listening but nothing more. The club’s commitment is aimed at something else, to replace Perisic bound for Tottenham, to close negotiations Mkhitaryan and DybalaTo do the same for Bremer and Aslani, bearing in mind that there is also a necessary and mandatory exit market to ensure the company’s financial sustainability. Lukaku in this sense Totally logical operation that goes beyond permissible limits Unless, as we mentioned, the Belgian convinces the new owner to let him leave on loan: the formula could be – as we read today in many quarters – a onerous agreement with a refund within two years set at 50 million, the value of which the Belgian will have on a budget For Chelsea on June 30, 2024. In short, to summarize and simplify, for now It is not Inter who deals with Lukaku, but Lukaku who deals with Inter. Which really says all about the extreme difficulty of the process.

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