Record auction for Steve Jobs sandals: Sold for more than $218,000

Record auction for Steve Jobs sandals: Sold for more than $218,000

Dating back to Apple’s early years, it first sold in 2016 for “only” $2,750. Ex-Partner Chrisann Brennan: ‘They were his uniform and allowed him to think creatively’

More than 218 thousand dollars (approximately 212 thousand euros, at current exchange rates) for a married couple sandals. Given the size of the figure, the purchase itself would make headlines. high fashion? No. On the contrary, sandals involved As well as they are also used old. But it is precisely from this that they derive their high value. Indeed, between the seventies and eighties they represented one of the main distinguishing features of their first owner: the founder of Apple Steve Jobs. It was branded Birkenstock Online auction sale On the weekend of Julien’s Auctionswho evaluated it Between 60,000 and 80,000 dollarsOnly a third of the amount is spent by the highest bidder.

Already up for auction in 2016

To accompany the shoes, Nft includes a 360-degree digital representation. It was auctioned for the first time in February 2016 From Mark Schiff, manager of one of Jobs’ estates, who forty years ago had the foresight to save it from the trash: “Keep a few things,” he recalls on the occasion. Bidding for “alone” $2,750from that moment on, they toured the world: in 2017 they were shown at Milanto me Colony In the Birkenstock headquartersin 2018 they found space in the brand’s first American store (in SoHo, New York) it’s at Berlinwhile for the past two years it has been kept in the Landesmuseum Württemberg of Stuttgart.

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“They were his uniform.”

Sandals were part of his simple side, They were his uniform – he said in an interview Vogue magazine Chrisann BrennanJobs’ ex-partner and mother of his daughter, Lisa. The beauty of a uniform is that you don’t have to worry about what to wear in the morning. He wouldn’t make or buy anything just to set himself apart from others. He was simply convinced of the wit and The practicality of the design and the comfort of wearing it. With Birkenstocks he never felt more like a businessman He was free to think creatively». The same auction house, on the other hand, emphasized the genius of San Francisco «I wore these sandals at many of the pivotal moments in Apple’s history »Founded in 1976 with partners Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne.

Other memorabilia is up for auction

Although Jobs’ shoes were much more successful than expected However, they did not represent the strong point Julien’s Auctions. In the same lottery entitledIcons and Idols: Rock and Roll“, One Guitar ruined by Kurt Cobain In 1989 it was sold for more than its value $486,400while a Elvis Presley gold watch 1972 has yielded some 256 thousand. On the other hand, touching the income from Birkenstocks Jobs, prof Bob Dylan piano stop at 217,600. Numbers that, however, are almost in the background when compared with those achieved last year by other memorabilia associated with the Apple founder: Apple II Historical Site Guide Bought by Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay for ben 800 thousand dollars. His assets of nearly $3.5 billion leave no doubt: he can afford it.

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