People who drain our energies: energy vampires

People who drain our energies: energy vampires

s.We are all around us, but we often don’t realize that some people drain our energy like vacuum cleaners. Actually no, like Vampires: Energy Vampires

You may not have noticed it before, and yet there are people who drain other people’s energies as true emotional “vacuum cleaners”. They can be anyone, from a family member to a friend to a co-worker.

But is it just a feeling or is there an iota of truth in all of this? Well, science has confirmed this for sure Peoplethose that specifically They drain energy (especially the positive ones) for those around him are the so-called energy vampires. We really should get away from them.

Energy vampires feed on energy

may be the definition energy vampire It makes you smile a little bit, but there’s a little bit more fun in these types of people. The fantasy creatures that wander about at night have nothing to do with their cloaks and turn into bats. And no, they don’t even have fangs in plain sight.

But there is a file good parallel With the characters of La Dracula. Because in essence, energy vampires are people who drain other people’s energies, just as classic blood vampires do in fantasy novels.

How do you get to know these people?

Especially if you haven’t heard of them before, you may be wondering how we recognize these energy suckers. There are some features that They should warn us? How can we realize that we are in front of an energy vampire?

There is one key feature that should catch your eye right away. There are times when we are talking or even standing next to someone, we suddenly feel like we are being penetrated An unexplained feeling of being unwell. We are physically fine, but while this person is telling us something or simply looking at us, it is as if our happiness is slowly being lost.

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Has this happened to you before? If the answer is yes, then it is likely that you have been in the presence of an energy vampire, albeit unknowingly. These people drain other people’s energies in many different ways, but what they have in common is the ability to make us feel really bad. The problem is that they are very smart and They know how to behave skillfullyin such a way that we do not notice its true nature.

Energy Vampires, What Science Says

We said at the beginning that the presence of energy vampires, and thus people who drain and seize the energies of those around them, is a thing scientifically proven. And no, this is by no means an exaggeration because industry studies have shown that vampires with energy are able to act at very deep levels, even in Our brain works.

Not only does the energy vampire frustrate us or make us feel physically ill, it also conveys our state of mind (negative of course) As if we had a virus. In general, our brain reacts positively to the proximity of people, because we are “social animals” who need to connect and interact in order to feel satisfied. When we create positive relationships, our brains release oxytocin, the happiness hormone. When, on the contrary, we are in contact with people fromPassive, victim and hostile attitude This is where the brain produces large amounts of cortisol.

And do you know what that means? This means that we feel stressed, We become short-tempered and lazyWe are starting to feel the danger without even understanding why. Not to mention that according to the modern theory of mirror neurons, when we find ourselves in the presence of someone who is rude, negative, sad and hostile, Our brain “sucks” These mixes and make them his own. By that time, it’s too late: the vampire feeds energy on our happiness.

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How do we save ourselves from these people?

Dealing with people who drain and feed off our energies is tired, frustrated And in the long run it can harm our mental and physical health. Imagine having someone next to you sucking all your blood, drop by drop: the feeling is more or less the same You definitely can’t resist for long.

We must become skilled at identifying this type of person and, once we identify them, understand how to restrain them and effectively prevent them from feeding on our happiness. The first step to defending ourselves is to realize ourselves and Avoid playing “basketball”. We are not acknowledged by anyone, and no one has assigned us the task of bearing the negativity of others.

Let’s learn to say “no”, which is often difficult for us but necessary to keep these types of people out of our lives. We do not have to listen to someone else’s sad tales, and no one forces us to be silent. We interact With “I don’t have time” or “I don’t care” or even with “Why do you always complain?”.

It’s not rudeness, but a way of cementing the boundaries between us and those who, unwittingly or unintentionally, are always trying to undermine our mental stability and happiness.

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