March 22, 2023

Hardwood Paroxysm

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Real Madrid, Ancelotti: “Didn’t you believe? Enough spark here, it’s the magic of the Bernabeu”

Carlo AncelottiThe coach of Real Madrid, after the great success of the semi-final against Manchester City spoke on a microphone Prime video: “Didn’t you believe it? Men of little faith (laughs, editor). Few believed in him. Those who believed in him the most were my players because a small spark in this stadium is enough, it is the magic of this stadium, in the sense of belonging to this club. But Obviously there is also quality. When there is a match I focus on the match, I do what I can. Training this team is very satisfying.”

How did Modric come out?
β€œHe had no problems, I preferred to put in new players. Kroos, Casemiro and Modric played a great match. But when you start the match, you need energy. In this kind of game it is not who starts the match but who finishes it. Ceballos, Asensio, Rodrygo, Vallego finished. Who played so little this year and made 10 minutes that he took them all.”

The photo in which he smokes cigars went viral on the Internet.
“It was a photo with friends. I can say I love my players, we love each other very well, they are very serious and professional. But I am not a cigar smoker.”

about Liverpool.
“He’s a big opponent, it’s going to be a beautiful and uncertain final. We are very happy to be there.”

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