“Inter and Inzaghi towards divorce, the administration has doubts. There is a personal file under observation.”

“Inter and Inzaghi towards divorce, the administration has doubts. There is a personal file under observation.”

Interviewed exclusively by TMW, Gianluca DiMarzio He also talked about the momentum of Inter and the future prospects for the Nerazzurri seat.

How do you feel about the Italian league, where Napoli dominate?
“If we go the way of Inter, Milan, Juventus, Roma and Lazio and compare it to Napoli’s superior performance, they all look like disappointments, but in reality the Spalletti team did something incredible, they put in a performance, results, match, talent and everything crazy. It’s been a fantastic, fantastic season and maybe it’s not one of them.” The right even to underestimate the performance of others. Then it is clear that in teams chasing each other there are many flaws, there have been many defeats, but they have more weight because they are compared to the superior performance of those who travel. Milan and Inter as well as Roma have been crowned with a European road that has not It could not have been predicted. It is clear that the Milanese players did not maintain the same performance between the championship and the cups and highlight the gaps.”

Did something break between Inter and Inzaghi?
“I don’t know, but no matter how it ends up, I think we can go towards a divorce. Obviously the many defeats this year, especially with the smaller ones, it could be that in the minds of the managers and the club it has led to the suspicion that The team could have done better than they have because Inter have always been there for the big games.The club believes they have a team of higher value than the current standings.But then in football the judgments change, perhaps in the case of the Champions League semi-finals.. .But you can see something creaking in the sentiment between the parties.”

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Would you be surprised if you saw Thiago Motta on the bench at Inter next year?
“No, I wouldn’t be surprised. I know he’s on probation, there are requests for information to better understand what he’s like as a person, as a coach… He’s one of those on Inter’s list, as it should be in the event of a divorce from Inzaghi, it’s a pity that you speak On a contract manager with a team that hired him when he was supposed to replace Mihajlovic, Thiago Motta was at home… Bologna for having thought it through sometimes and not doubting it and therefore having every right to enjoy it for at least another year and start with him from the beginning. We’re actually dealing with the host, we have a contract, Bologna will decide whether to let go or not.”

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