Car tax, so you pay 20 euros, it’s all right: no one can tell you anything | Check now if you can too

Car tax, so you pay 20 euros, it’s all right: no one can tell you anything |  Check now if you can too
Vehicle tax –

Good news about car tax because you can only pay €20: find out if you’re among the lucky drivers who can get this discount on the tax drivers hate.

the car taxWe certainly don’t find out here today, maybe it is The most hated and poorly absorbed tax by motorists. He. She It is annual and mandatoryIrrespective of the use of the vehicle in question: a genuine belief in ownership of the vehicle or motorcycle.

beingDistrict tax Different payment methods and different deadlines: Some classes, however, are known to not have to pay stamp dutyLike the handicapped And owner and owner vintage car.

Even those who bought a electric or hybrid vehicle From the last generation exempt from road tax for the first 3 or 5 years (in some regions for life, eg Lombardy). Recently, then, to the delight of many, theThe European Union has given very good news Surprisingly one discount on stamp duty.

a breakthrough Which adapts some regulations already in force in Europe regulating the payment of stamp duty and the amount of payments. a Godsend to millions of drivers Italians and their families, who are about to see the amount to be disbursed annually drop dramatically.

Car tax: when you pay only 20 euros

As mentioned, the European Commission has approved the rules regarding payment car taxthe focus is no longer on a static fee, or rather There will only be a fixed minimum, and the rest will be calculated based on actual usage the car in question.

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20 euro motor tax –

A surprisingly crucial step to take into account when calculating amounts owed CO2 emissionsThe environmental impact and level of pollution resulting from the vehicle. Engine capacity, vehicle type, and horsepower Then the others will be border On the basis of which the variable component of the amount to be paid into the state coffers will be calculated.

Previously This method is valid in Portugal, where the starting point for payment is around 28€: Very reasonable numbers within everyone’s reach. And where applicable, people were happy and comfortable with it, in addition to the fact that it was Emissions have been reduced by 10%. of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. All because of one Discourage the use of cars in urban centerswith respect to decreasing Stamp cost Which is also the calibration for much more effective use Content.

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