Rain and thunderstorms in the northeast

Rain and thunderstorms in the northeast

The weather forecast for this Thursday, April 18, continues to be affected by weather fluctuations changing I Factor With the typical fresh spring.

We will see a lot on Thursday clouds Some in heaven Let it rain Morning especially Spray it I Storms Which will be eagerly emptied in the middle of the afternoon in the interior of Girona and on the northern and coastal areas.

Everything indicates that Barcelona will be able to stay out of this episode of torrential rain He will not be fooled That's around five or six in the afternoon The storm is approaching in the city.

  • 6:00 AM: Rain lashes the waterfront
  • 9 am: Scattered rain in the city with partly cloudy skies
  • 12pm: More broken clouds with more glimpses of sun
  • 3pm: Cloud growth between Montseny and Alte Maresme
  • 6pm: Possibility of rain and some storms with hail
  • 9 p.m.: Clouds lower and calmer skies

Weather disturbance in the middle of the afternoon

After my morning and my morning with some Let it rain In the city, the sky is somewhat overcast, gray and even with a British touch, at noon it will open Shy clearing.

It will only take a few hours of sunlight and glimpses of sun where they will begin to grow Cauliflower in the skyAnd the resulting large clouds Very strong northerly winds, looking towards the Montseny Massif, as well as the Montenegrin Park and the pass. morning amazingmight be a little more refreshed than last morning.

Around lunchtime they will unload Showers and stormsone another Hail storm Between the Selva area and Maresme, next to Paix Empordà and Paix Montseny.

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After all, it wouldn't be surprising if some were Rainfall s Storm Approach the city between five and six in the afternoon.

he Hot spot from shower We expect this between Sils, Blanes, Lagostera, Tossa de Mar and Sant Feliu de Guíxols, but also between Garriga, Granollers, Dosrius, Mataró and Premià de Mar. Be careful on the road.

Temperatures maximum With a small change, higher values ​​will move between 17 and 18 degrees Celsius.

Friday with a temporary rise in temperatures

Over the course of this week, the cold weather has settled in somewhat at our house, but as Friday approaches, the thermometers will be dropping Small return. Friday and Saturday with highs will return Close to 20 degrees Celsius. A sweeter and more comfortable atmosphere, especially in the afternoon.

Well, that would be just right Flower one dayAnd it's never better to say that, in the middle of spring. As the saying goes: “Don't say winter is over until Sant Jordi arrives.”

Still with a lot suspicionBut we will wait a long time for him Time change is possible Which could coincide with Sant Jordi's Day, with The return of winter weatherWe will see whether it gets wet or not from the precipitation.

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