Playstation studios buy from software? How much do you really care? –

Playstation studios buy from software?  How much do you really care?  –

Recently, rumors have returned that they want Sony to be ready to acquire a new team of developers, to add to their stable. PlayStation Studios. Today, however, Dr. Serkan Tutu – an insider but above all CEO of a consulting firm – has suggested that one potential acquisition is FromSoftware.

would it be like this? At the moment, we don’t know, and Toto himself says everything is still in the very early stages of discussion. There is time and space for nothing to happen. Suppose, however, that the two sides reach an agreement. the question is: How much do we care?

remarkably Let’s put the console war aside And let’s not start discussing the obvious benefits of the Sony PlayStation. Let’s talk about what the players should be hoping for after this acquisition. To be more precise, PlayStation players and perhaps PC players, Sony is slowly bringing its exclusives to this platform as well.

Elden Ring panorama

This is not a trivial matter, because with each acquisition one of the curves of the video game stage rejoices, but for what reason? Why can’t other “rival” console players play this video game? Should we rejoice in the losses of others?

An acquisition is only beneficial to the user if it allows the development team access to resources (money, technology tools, support team…) that they wouldn’t have otherwise had if they were independent, and thus, if it allows that team to create a game they could not otherwise produce.

easy example Homesmark, which only created Returnal because a major publisher (Sony PlayStation) decided to invest in the project from the start. The acquisition ensures that the team can continue to work on larger and more risky projects than in the past.

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The same will happen with FromSoftware? The Japanese team has already proven at length that it can evolve in terms of technology and production from one game to the next. In just thirteen years FromSoftware has worked on several IPs, many of them brand new (all Miyazaki games, first of all). From game to game, the team honed their skills and expanded their gathering area, on a trajectory that culminated in as dazzling success as the Elden Ring. What more could you do if you became part of PlayStation Studios?

FromSoftware does not need PlayStation Players do not need FromSoftware to become an exclusive team. In this case, it’s all from Sony, which will have access to new exclusives and get a lot of positive publicity, since FromSoftware is a team appreciated by PlayStation gamers, who “show off” the exclusives that Miyazaki has produced for years .

Tell us, do you agree, or do you think the player would benefit greatly from this acquisition? And if so, then what? No, Bloodborne 2 is not a correct answer.

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