Queen Elizabeth cries: Another painful loss for the King

Queen Elizabeth cries: Another painful loss for the King

A blacksmith in the House of Windsor. Queen Elizabeth II has lost another reference figure she was particularly attached to

A really difficult and especially painful moment for Queen Elizabeth II. Unfortunately, England’s long-standing historical supremacy has to contend with many of them losses A painful mourning.

Queen Elizabeth II in mourning (Websource)

After the death of his beloved consort, Prince PhilipQueen Elizabeth also bid farewell Ann Fortune FitzroyAnd the The Duchess of Grafton, a lady who has been waiting for him since 1967. Unfortunately, the pain did not end there.

Elizabeth II was also confirmed a few days ago Another woman dies which has been with her for many years. Kind of a loyal advisor and shoulder during all these years of rule.

Farewell to Mrs. Butter, a confidant of Elizabeth II

a few days ago The news of the disappearance of Mrs. Mira Butter. A name that the international audience may not consider well known or known, but is known One of Queen Elizabeth’s best friends and advisor.

Queen Elizabeth did not have many sincere friendships during her life as sovereign, but had mostly institutional or family relationships. But Lady Butter was one of the few “shoulders” Queen for many years.

woman At the age of 97 years oldHe was Prince Philip’s cousin. So it also relates to Elizabeth, but the two already knew and dated before the Queen’s coronation in 1952.

A true childhood friend, like daily Mail. Elizabeth and Lady Mira have been spending free time together for yearswith horseback riding and long walks, or by attending swimming lessons at Bath Club on Dover Street.

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Personal at other times, but a great modernist. So it was described Lady Mira Butter, who defended her cousin Philip At the time of his dealings with the future sovereign Elizabeth by those who considered him unable to marry the Queen of England.

Moreover, due to her Russian roots (she was the grandson of Tsar Nicholas I), Mrs. Butter decided to design Pushkin Literary PrizeBased in Scotland, it brought together Scottish students and students from St Petersburg. But he dared publicly condemn Putin and Russia after the recent invasion of Ukraine.

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