Ukraine and Zelensky end negotiations: “No concession can be defined as peace. We need the complete destruction of aggression”

Ukraine and Zelensky end negotiations: “No concession can be defined as peace. We need the complete destruction of aggression”

No concessions from our land or sovereignty It cannot be called peace. Concessions will bring new blood. A lasting and sincere peace can only be a perfect outcome destroy Russian aggression.” In a video message to the International Security Forum in Halifax, also posted on Telegram, the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky He makes a clean record of the words his advisor said less than twenty-four hours earlier Mykhailo Podolyak. In fact, in a press briefing, Kyiv’s chief negotiator stated that if Russia lost one of the symbolic cities under its control – Lugansk, for example – The war could have ended even before to free all regions occupied by military means.

Words hinted at the possibility of a closer peace, but Zelensky chose to deny them shortly thereafter. Instead, the Ukrainian head of state is relaunching it He presented his “Ten Proposals” at the G20 in Baliwhich includes restorationland unit Ukraine and The withdrawal of Russian forcesI ask the participants in the International Security Forum to help us implement this proposal. This is the only way to true peace.” He states that “Russia is now looking for one A short respitean armistice to restore power”, but “although some might call it the end of the war”, such an armistice would only lead to The situation worsenedBecause “immoral concessions will only bring more blood.”

And within a few hours, it was Podolak himself who reorganized with a tweet: “Ie Conspiracy theory About the surrender of Ukraine or the secret negotiations of the West with Putin do not take into account the “small details”: the Ukrainians. Such agreements cannot be enforced. Ukraine will not kneel In front of the Russians. It is not a matter of politics. It is a matter of our existence, “he writes. Meanwhile, the Prime Minister of Ukraine Denise Smihall He noted that “nearly half” of the country’s energy system was “broken” as a result of “missile attacks on civilian infrastructure”. The capital, Kyiv, informed the deputy head of the administration Mykola Povoroznik, “is preparing for various scenarios, incl complete closureAnd the national energy company, Ukrenergo, communicates via Telegram: “The aggressor country has officially realized that its goal is destroying our energy infrastructure And the Ukrainians were left without electricity or heat.

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