He’s back alone in the dark! THQ Nordic ad victim of major leak

He’s back alone in the dark!  THQ Nordic ad victim of major leak

The Alone in the dark themed teaser Published by well-known insider The Snitch finally turned out to be true. Before the deadlines set by THQ NorthIn fact, the return of survival horror has been confirmed by a Belgian retailer.

Modernization: After attracting media attention, the portal Smartways feet for remove the page Dedicated to new alone in the dark. At the time of writing, the latter is no longer accessible. Remember that the official announcement is likely expected this evening: Watch the THQ Nordic Showcase live on Everyeye’s Twitch channel From 8.45 pm!

The original news follows.

On the pages of the European store SmartwaysThe new one is now available for pre-order alone in the dark. In what appears to be somewhere between a reboot and a remake of the first chapter of the saga, Edward Carnby And the Emily Hartwood Both will be playable characters, in a new adventure set in the United States in the 1920s.

In the southern United States, Minor The star partner’s uncle has mysteriously disappeared: a circumstance that would lead our investigator to enter the scene. So it’s time to enter the door Dersito, a psychiatric hospital that seems to be hiding dark secrets. Interesting details, new text by alone in the dark It will be signed by Michael Heibergformer author of soma And the memory loss.

on the gate SmartwaysAlso available screenshot And more details:

At the moment, an exact release date isn’t set on the gate, but a vice stand placed on March 31, 2023 indicates that next year could be the debut window chosen by THQ Nordic. according to SmartwaysAnd the alone in the dark You will see the light on PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S..

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