Queen Elizabeth and the USA

Queen Elizabeth and the USA

Washington – Since Thursday, when news emergedThe deteriorating health of Queen Elizabeth And then its own the deathAmerica was discovered suddenly and unexpectedly Passion for British royalty. The country, born nearly two and a half centuries ago from the revolution against British rule, tuned all its media and emotional antennas to what was happening across the Atlantic. Main All news channelsstarting from CNNthey have They disturbed their programminga constant devotion to the disappearance of the elderly king, to the reactions in United kingdom And in the world. Major US newspaper websites have done the same since then The New York Timesto me Washington Postto me The Wall Street Journal.

president Joe Bidenafter being published with First Lady Jill Long statement of condolence at the Queen’s disappearance, and ordered flags at half-mast on White House And on all public buildings and military installations, in United State and forabroad. And again Thursday evening, Biden then headed to the British Embassy here in Washington to pay homage to the King and Sign in the condolence book. Condolences were also received from former presidents such as Barack Obama himself Donald Trump. Then the American media continued and still remembers the character of the sovereign, her character 70 of the judgmentfor him Meetings with 13 US Presidentsalmost everything starts with Eisenhowerwith the only exception Lyndon Johnsondisappointed by the lack of British support for Vietnam War.

And then, again, great attention to first letter for a nation King Charles IIIwith long links and matches from London. President Biden himself assured that he would be in London for Elizabeth’s funeral. It is possible that he will be accompanied on this occasion by a high-level delegation that includes some former presidents, as happened in the past on the occasion of the disappearance of the president. John Paul II And the Nelson Mandela. With the constant focus on the links between the two sides of the Atlantic, no one has mentioned it yet One of the first official songs The new American nation, between the end of the eighteenth century and the beginning of the nineteenth century, was exactly May the Lord protect the king. Exactly the same melody, clearly accompanied by another text.

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From Washington, reporter LA PRESSE Marco Leconte

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