Qualifying for the “Pros”, meetings and more concerts, on the fourth day of the Madrid Climb

Qualifying for the “Pros”, meetings and more concerts, on the fourth day of the Madrid Climb

Qualifying for the “Pros”, meetings and more concerts, on the fourth day of the Madrid Climbshutter

The weekend comes, and as during the week, Climbing Madrid It continues to gain intensity. the Great climbing party I propose today Thursday 13 Junean agenda rich in authenticity Battery proposals To satisfy all attendees.

Which is so, regardless A rock wall open to the publicl Gastronomic offer And based on ConcertsWhich does not stop, on this day professional competitions begin, with… Absolute athlete rankings On the wall of difficulty. And they start too Meetings with climbersWhich will allow you to get to know these athletes firsthand.

Ratings at a height of 15 metres

he Difficulty wall Finally, it comes into play with its impressive 15-metre height and challenging shapes. At one o’clock in the afternoon, the list of registered absolute athletes will be confirmed, and at two o’clock in the afternoon the list of youth will be confirmed.

View of the facilities, with the Difficulty Wall in the background, center.

but The event will start at 6:00 PMwith the Classifications of divorced womenwhich will continue until almost the night and promises to provide a first-class show. These rankings will determine, among other things, which athletes will pass the final stage and thus reach the level last.

he Moore, The design and installation comes from the specialized company Interior wallrepresents the first, because it is from International type and he First time located abroad To challenge the evidence Spanish Championship.

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Difficulty of wall assembly tasks.

Meetings with climbers

for them 20 hours It will be time for another premiere, the first of Meetings with climbers. with Carlos Suarez With the master of ceremonies Under the slogan “Dialogues at Height,” this space will come together Four climberswhose progress along the walls is more impressive than that of non-disabled climbers.

Suarez is one of the most important legends de l’ambit de l’escalada nacional, i Four young people will be interviewed With a lot of future: Guillermo Pellegrin,Ivan Muñoz, Andrea Sanchez and Ivan Germanwho will be accompanied by a guide Tony Curiel.

Guillermo Pellegrin, blind climber, in action.

More parties and tests

Music date in 8:30 pm It is entrusted to him Jesse the rock starAnother young man with great expectations. This artist has already organized several concerts in Madrid, and in all of them he managed to fill the halls. suggest Rock sounds and sound effects miami, He is accompanied by other creators with the aim of creating a music community that brings together the latest trends.

Jase The Rockstar will perform at 9 p.m.

Not missing either Moore rock And the evidence for the public, Today there are quite a few places available, because at the moment places are only reserved from 10am to 12pm, with 40 students from Colegio IES África de Fuenlabrada, and from 7pm to 9pm, with 50 members of Vivac Climbing Wall Mountains in Arroyomolinos.

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