The proposals for Escola Font del Roure and Escola Xoriguer won the Science, Engineering and Children’s Prize

The proposals for Escola Font del Roure and Escola Xoriguer won the Science, Engineering and Children’s Prize

The proposals for Escola Font del Roure and Escola Xoriguer won the Science, Engineering and Children’s PrizeFUB – Umanrisa

to’Masqueva Font del Roure School, with the proposal entitled “Discovering light. Searching for ways to learn”, won the sixth edition of the La Ciència i les Infants award, organized by UManresa and sponsored by ICL Iberia. Today, the jury announced the award ruling. Regarding the Engineering and Children Award, an award also promoted by the University under the auspices of the College of Technical and Industrial Engineers of Central Catalonia (CETIM), the jury decided to award it toXoriguer School of CentellesOn the proposal “Gears double speed and generate electricity.”

The awards were presented at a ceremony held in the FUB4 building and attended by representatives of…Early childhood education at UManresA, from ICL Iberia and CETIM. The ceremony included a lecture by the official Nuria SalaN, Chemistry, PhD in Materials Science and Mining Engineer. Salán is a professor at UPC and heads the Societat Catalana de Tecnologia, the technical branch of the Institute of Catalan Studies. Both awards have a purpose Promoting scientific education Children’s Technology and encourage teachers to develop classroom proposals that keep children in touch with science and technology from the early educational stages.

In his intervention, he called for the need to highlight women who have dedicated themselves to… Science and Technology. He did this by reviewing the names of some inventors, scientists, technologists and innovators, e.g Mary the Jew, Inventor of the bain marie method, hildelgarda de Bingen, Known as the Female Da Vinci, Beulah Louise Henry or Lady Edison, who patented 110 inventions, and Hedy Lamarr, Introduction to wireless communications. Salan finished his speech by emphasizing that “boys and girls want to be what they know and what they see” and that is why it is important to show children female role models of women who are committed to science and technology to make creativity visible (invisible

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Proposals to bring the generation of light and electricity closer to children

The Science and Children’s Prize jury decided to award the prize First prize To suggest Escola Font del Roure to him “Originality and approaching stage 0-6 of the concept of light, Taking into account the difficulties involved.” He also highlighted “the care given to the material which is very diverse, very rich and very deliberate and that the suggestion can increase or decrease depending on the age of the children and the method”.

Regarding the L’Ingenyria i les Infants prize, awarded to Escola Xoriguer de Centelles, the jury evaluated “the clear mission and the ability of the proposal to guide children towards the chosen artistic concept”. It was also taken into account that the school children participated in preparing the proposal and that it was a result of their interests and concerns.

Other proposals granted

In the case of the Science and Children Prize, second and third prizes were awarded. The second was forSchool of Anton Busquets and Poncet des Calders About the proposal entitled “Let’s follow the pendulum” and the third of the municipality of Escola Bresol Serra de Sanferme de Vic and its proposal “When the weight is in play”.

Regarding the Engineering and Children’s Prize, the second prize went to IE Matta di Torello for his proposal “How the Pendulum Works”. The jury decided that third prize would go to Escola Sant Joan de Berga for the “Pedalem” proposal.

Both awards are a gift of worth 600 euros for the winning proposall 400 for the second prize and 200 for the third prize. The endowment must be allocated to JPurchasing educational materials in the scientific and technological field For schools

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The jury for the Science and Children’s Prize consists of Elna Silja, representative of the Can Font Water Centre, Marcos Herrero from ICL, and Lab 0_6 teacher, Ana Hinojo, coordinator of the Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education at the college. Social Sciences in Manresa, Luly Vasquez.

In the case of PRemy engineering and childrenThe jury was formed by Esther Padilla Padilla and Daniel Calvo, members of the Board of Directors of CETIM, the 0_6 laboratory teacher, Mar Lázaro Gil, and the Head of Research for the Early Childhood Education Teacher Degree at the Faculty of Social Sciences of Manresa, Gabriel Lemko Tovias.

The schools and centers that participated in both appeals received Advice on creating a proposal. Suggestion that each center incorporate it as school materials.

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