Dead ‘Maciste’ Bruno Bolchi, aged 82: formerly Inter and Torino

Dead ‘Maciste’ Bruno Bolchi, aged 82: formerly Inter and Torino

Ex-Inter and Torino, Bari coach of miracles. It was the first statue in history

Bruno Bolschi, a former football player and coach, died last night in a clinic in Florence: he was 82 years old. Born in Milan on February 21, 1940, he lived for some time in Pieve a Nievole (Pistoia). He was taken to hospital for a few days due to his deteriorating health.


After making his Italian debut with Inter, at the age of 18, he became captain three years later and won the Scudetto in 1963. He then moved to Verona, Serie B, and the following year, to Atalanta, in TO; He then moved to Turin, where he finished his Premier League experience after more than 200 matches and 12 goals. Four times in the blue, he finished his career as a footballer at Pro Patria, in Serie C, in the 1970-71 tournament.

On the seat

Become a manager with Pro Patria in Serie C, starting in the dual role of manager player. In 1983 he went to Bari under Vincenzo Matares and led Red and White to successive promotions from Serie A C1 to Serie A. Quarter-finals. As a coach, he had 4 promotions in Serie A with Bari (1984-1985), Cesena (1986-1987), Lecce (1992-93) and Regina (1998-99), plus 2 in Serie B with Bari (1983-1984). )) and Pistoiese (1976-77).

His nickname, Maciste, earned him at Inter because of his strong physique. He was also the first footballer, in 1961, to appear on Panini posters.

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