But the games are far from over for Europe and the United States. “Are the Russians cheering? Beware of selling bear skins.”

But the games are far from over for Europe and the United States.  “Are the Russians cheering? Beware of selling bear skins.”

“You don’t sell the bear’s skin before you kill it.” The metaphor with which EU High Representative for Ukraine Josep Borrell comments on Moscow’s hasty jubilation at news of the possible rupture of Giuseppe Conte of Mario Draghi’s confidence in the government, scheduled for tomorrow, tells the Italian situation better than any other background.

In Europe and the US, there is a feeling that the sudden shoulder that the M5s leader wants to inflict on the former ECB banker and over the entire country will do more harm to the Kontani than to the executive. On the other hand, Washington has always been very careful not to interfere directly in Italian political issues, as the US State Department emphasized a few days ago, and at the same time praised the Prime Minister for his defense of “the common interests of the United States and Italy.” in the Greater Mediterranean” and having helped “formulate an unprecedented response by the European Union and NATO to Russia’s war in Ukraine,” a confidence that was rewarded and affirmed during the recent Soprario meeting at the White House.

Draghi’s downfall would certainly be a gift to Vladimir Putin, but American diplomacy is convinced, like Borrell, that Moscow sang victory too soon. In the US embassy, ​​mouths are sewn up. For a series of interlocking games, the Ambassador chair is still technically vacant. Yesterday, the new US Chargé d’Affairs, Sean Crowley, took over from Thomas Smitham, who took over from Louis Eisenberg, the ambassador appointed by former President Donald Trump. The current Director of the Western Europe Office of the State Department’s Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs, who has a very long career, which began in 1991 in Kuwait, passing through Kosovo, Libya, Tel Aviv, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan, is about to present credentials, waiting for Congress to give the green light to replace Eisenburg (For the Republic at the Pole, there will even be the mighty Nancy Pelosi.) That the relations between the Joe Biden administration and Giuseppe Conte are not idyllic is certainly no mystery. It’s no coincidence that the disastrous downfall of the M5s’ lawyers largely coincided with the beginning of Barack Obama’s former second-in-command. Giuseppe is pushing not only for his excessive ambition and his multiple mistakes in foreign policy, but also for his flirtation with Putin and with some anti-US European leaders, the signing of the China Memorandum with Xi Jinping, some sovereign and/or anti-Atlantic positions, and certain courtship , but above all, the association is dangerous with the former tenant of the Trump White House, and it is also intimately connected with the delegation’s highly sensitive matter about the Secret Services that Conte never wanted to give up, almost until the last time, and which exhausted him, until he threw it out the window , blessed without much fanfare outside too, especially today when Luigi Di Maio takes over the finest chair in Farnesina.

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An intelligence expert reports the newspaper that in recent weeks Kobasir reopened the file on the so-called Russiagate and about the meetings between former US Secretary Raymond Barr and directors of our 007 office – with the US Embassy and the FBI in Rome officially unaware of Barr’s movements – that opened a decisive battle within the services The Italian one whose traces can still be heard today, watch the infamous video of the meeting at Autogrill between Marco Mancini and Matteo Renzi, which was broadcast by Report and investigated by three prosecutors (Rome, Florence and Ravenna). Another person recalls that the then prime minister had a hard time congratulating Biden on his victory, despite the efforts of Ambassador Pietro Benassi, the prime minister’s diplomatic advisor at the time, precisely because of the crimson letters perfectly marked on the lapel of his jacket. , DT as Donald Trump, who showed Conte strutting after a famous tweet by the businessman praising him. Vanity is a mortal sin.

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