Here’s what you need to know as well quickly

Here’s what you need to know as well quickly

Facebook and many other paid apps? The truth is not what it seems – that’s all there is really to know.

Never as in recent years, social networks have become a really important part for us. We use it now at any time of the day, often compulsively, sharing whatever happens to us.

Facebook for a fee. Credit: Adobe-Stock

Posts, photos, videos and more are shared daily on the profiles of many users, who also use these apps as a source of entertainment and to disconnect from the usual routine every now and then. Then there are those who use it as a real job, given the monetization potential when you reach a certain number of interactions and followers. While there is a lot of competition, the Meta groupwho presents Facebook, Instagram and The WhatsApp It still now has a large audience of users, which made it Mark Zuckerberg is among the richest men in the world.

Facebook and other paid apps? Here’s everything you need to know

Daily access to the major social networks that exist today is truly unimaginable. Not to mention the amazing use of The WhatsAppThis made the way to communicate much easier and faster. A sector that seems not to have been affected by any of the kind of economic crises we’ve been seeing in recent months, but it’s not at all! The reality is quite different from what we all imagine.

Facebook push
New payment apps. Credit: Adobe-Stock

Although the number of users is really large, after all expectations, the Meta group is facing its first drop in turnover.

Data for the second quarter for the month of July indicates a 1% decline in revenue. To us, it may seem like a tiny number, but for the internet giant, it’s definitely too much.

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So, to try and limit the “harm”, we’re considering putting paid content on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

As reported by the site the edgeThe company’s top management is developing a real business plan. They actually created a new team to develop new projects.

The Team takes a name New Express monetization to any order it will be Pratiti Raichodhury They are working on trying to create the first paid features.

So what should we expect from these changes? At the moment we cannot know for sure what will happen, let alone what will or will not be paid. At the moment, each option is still under development and there is no confirmed news yet.

In the meantime, we can continue to use our favorite apps as we have always done so far and see what the future holds.

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