PS5: PlayStation Showcase news will be available soon, according to an insider

PS5: PlayStation Showcase news will be available soon, according to an insider

With Sony’s frequent absence from major gaming industry events, such as the recent Gamescom 2023, expectations remain high regarding a potential presentation dedicated to PS5 Coming up, as one Play status or PlayStation viewwhose news can reach according to an insider that is considered reliable during next week.

The insider in question is known as Shinobi 602is a very active user on Twitter and ResetEra, initially as a leaker and insider and more recently as a real insider, since he started working in the industry some time ago and has been involved in some projects like Destruction AllStars with Lucid Games for PS5.

This means that this is someone who likely has actual contacts with people working in the gaming industry, and therefore their advice can be taken into consideration.

In this case, he seems to have indicated possible Upcoming news Regarding some Sony PlayStation events for next week, live inside the ResetEra forum.

Possible news for next week

Reply to the user who said “la Lack of communication “From Sony at this point is sad,” Shinobi602 reported “Well, the week is over at this point,” clearly indicating that interesting communications may arrive from Sony next week.

Many are waiting for a new PS5 event, and some are thinking about the possibility of a PlayStation Showcase event, although one of these events took place relatively recently, as it was last May. This is likely to be a running case, also considering that the release of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is approaching and perhaps it’s time for a dedicated in-depth analysis. Anyway, we’ll see.

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