Pixel Watch in all its glory: official video from Google

Pixel Watch in all its glory: official video from Google

pixel clockThe new smart watch The Google so much Newspaper headlines In recent weeks, it has returned to the center of attention thanks to a recent video the company posted on its official YouTube profile.

The actual presentation of the device is scheduled for Thursday, October 6, but from now on it is possible to enjoy the Google Pixel Watch from every angle and perspective, and discover more technical details.

The design of the Google Pixel Watch has no secrets anymore

Before we continue, let’s enjoy the video that we wrote a moment ago, and right away, it will be possible to notice how the numerous leaks have been confirmed online and the Pixel smartwatch is shown as a hero:

Let us first note how, from the point of view the designThere are no special surprises compared to what we already knew. Google Pixel Watch has minimal aesthetics with smooth lines that are in keeping with the current tastes of the audience that this device is targeting.

At the same time, it is not clear what the actual Edge thickness From the screen installed on the Pixel Watch, considering the fact that in the video just watched it is almost impossible to distinguish it from the color of the background: if it was thin enough, Google would certainly have strengthened such a constructive aspect.

Although there is a bit of skepticism about it, the Pixel Watch case has a rounded shape and this disproves improbable theories regarding its sharper and squarer form factor, a scenario that was soon dismissed as de facto as well. subordinate a leak appeared from time to time.

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The clip then suggests a magnetic attachment to the straps, thus, it should only be possible to use those designed specifically for the Google Pixel Watch. Do not miss the side wheel to move between the different interfaces of the operating system, as well as the obligatory touch screen.

google pixel watch

Then Google chose to show part of a file watch face that can be used with the watch, from the most important to the most detailed. Some of them also provide space for the heart icon: thus the heart rate monitoring function is confirmed (the opposite was preferable to say the least).

While waiting for the official presentation of the Google Pixel Watch, we give you a little advice regarding one of the direct competitors: for a few days, Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 It will be available in a 44mm version On Amazon for only €243 Thanks Useful 26% off.

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