“Caution in reducing quarantine”

Omicron variant, beware of “changing tactics and strategies based on raw data”. This is what Michael Ryan, Executive Director of the World Health Organization’s Health Emergencies Programme, said setting out It is not ‘advisable’ to reduce controls over Covid, including periods of isolation and quarantine.

“Even with the previous variables, most people incubated and then developed symptoms, or tested positive, for the first six days or so, and the chances of them being positive or later overcoming the virus were low,” he told a news conference. – But then, it’s up to governments to decide when to let people out of quarantine with additional testing.”

Then he urged Ryan to Caution regarding the possibility of making decisions based on preliminary data and studies on Omicron, which may indicate a lower severity and a greater rate of infection: “We have to wait and see, I think at this point it is advisable not to make major changes, and movements in reducing the measures to combat Covid-19 on the basis of preliminary and preliminary studies.”

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