PS5, a new system update is available: here's the news

PS5, a new system update is available: here's the news

A new update for the PS5 system is available starting today: let's find out what new features Sony designers have introduced for the occasion.

PS5 Received today New system update Which offers different heresyfrom the audio features of the DualSense controller to interactions with the shared screen, and finally to the brightness of the controller's power light.

Specifically, the DualSense and DualSense Edge controllers received some Improvements to the built-in speakerwhich can now play sounds at a higher volume thus adding clarity to potential voice chat sounds.

Sony designers also used itArtificial intelligence noise cancellation: The system now identifies background sounds to be muted thus also contributing to making sounds clearer while chatting.

Of course changes in the volume of the built-in speaker may require a New adjustment of volume levels From PlayStation 5 system settings.

Shared screen interactions

Shared screen interactions on PS5
Shared screen interactions on PS5

As mentioned earlier, the PS5 update also introduces the ability to interact with split screen: players watching in full screen mode They will be able to use cursors and emojis To interact with the playing host.

This is a feature designed to be able to Provide any suggestions to a friend within the gameSend sounds, draw lines and thus highlight specific objects or areas to reach to complete a level or overcome a challenge, then celebrate with an emoji.

The PlayStation app will also receive an update about this by the end of the month, allowing viewers to Use these interactions on iOS and Android.

Adjust the power light of the PS5

Screen to adjust the PS5 power light
Screen to adjust the PS5 power light

The latest addition to the system update is an additional option that allows To adjust the intensity of the power light From PS5, LED brightness is calibrated at three different levels.

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To access this possibility, all you have to do is go to Settings, then System, then Sound & Light, then select the “Brightness” item and adjust the light intensity level.

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