Martocello replaces Sarri. Latest news live

Martocello replaces Sarri.  Latest news live


Sarri, the first resignation in his career

Sarri resigned for the first time in his career: it is Also for the first time for Lotito, none of his coaches did so. But the now former Biancocelesti coach felt he had reached this point after asking himself many reasons.


Lotito is surprised

There was only one phone call to Lotito. He was the president in the Senate. Sarri, in his four-wheel drive car, left the sports center at 5 p.m., his face blank. The company did not expect his resignation. Until a few days ago, Sarri had expressed his intention to continue until 2025.


Sari, farewell background

Mao resigned at 2.50 pm as soon as he arrived in Formillo. He had announced his intentions to director Fabiani. They went to the team together and gathered in the gym. He explained his position: He chose to leave because he was convinced that the players (not all of them) no longer wanted him, despite rumors saying the opposite.


Ramboudi: “I'm ready”

Guest on “Cose di Calcio” in the program Deborah Carletti and Flavio M. Tassotti, former Biancocelesti player Roberto Rambodihas been placed next to the bench for the past few hours Lazio, revealing a back story about himself, giving his “recipe” for reuniting the environment. ““I'm ready and waiting for Lazio's call later today.”


Lazio, the training camp is already over

After bidding farewell to Sarri and officially “promoting” Martocello, Lazio chose to end training camp just one day after the match. The players were able to return to their homes after morning training in Formello.

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Lazio, unleashed its fans on social media

Social reactions of Biancocelesti fans after the official press release from Lazio (Find out more).


Lazio, Martocello moderated the first training session

Giovanni Martocello ran the first training session as Lazio's first team coach this morning in Formello. He will be on the bench against Frosinone.


Social reactions after Sarri's resignation

Sarri's resignation inevitably sparked discussion on Lazio's social channels (Read more).


Sarri is paying the price for 16 defeats in 39 matches this season

Despite reaching important goals such as the round of 16 in the Champions League and the semi-finals of the Italian Cup, Maurizio Sarri paid a heavy price for the 16 seasonal defeats out of 39 matches he played. A negative reality that goes hand in hand with a relationship that is no longer ideal with possessions.


Serie A, and not just Martocello: there are also changes to the bench

Another Serie A seat has also changed: it's official (I read here).


Frosinone Lazio, the guest sector was sold out at the Martusciello premiere

Against Frosinone – Lazio, it took about 10 minutes to sell tickets for the away section of “Stirpi”, reserved for Biancocelesti fans. However, many Capitoline supporters were able to get a ticket in other sectors of the Ciociaro sports facility.


Martusciello, a championship to save and an Italian Cup to win

The premiere of Martusciello, without Maurizio Sarri, will be at the “Stirpe” in Frosinone on Saturday at 8.45pm. After that, the break for national team commitments, useful to better prepare for the double match with Juventus led by Max Allegri, between the Italian League and the Italian Cup. The championship match will be held on Saturday, March 30, at the Olimpico Stadium, and on Tuesday, April 2, at the Allianz Stadium in Turin, in the first leg of the semi-finals of the Italian competition. A long journey, with points and titles still to be won.

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De Laurentiis' thoughts on Sarri's resignation

Strict intervention from the Napoli president regarding the decision of the former Lazio coach (I read here).


Martocello, his experiences as a coach

Giovanni Martocello took his first steps as a coach at Empoli, as Ettore Donati's assistant at the Tuscan club's Primavera side. He then moved to the first team alongside Salvatore Campelungo. From June 2010 to the summer of 2016, Maurizio Sarri's right-hand man, in 132 matches, will be Alfredo Aglietti, Marco Giampaolo, Guido Carbone and Pepe Bellone. In the 2016/17 season, he effectively became coach of the first team of President Corsi, continuing throughout the entire tournament with an average of 0.88 points per game. After that, came the experiences alongside Luciano Spalletti, on the Inter bench, Maurizio Sarri, at Juventus under Andrea Agnelli, and Lazio with Claudio Lotito.


Lazio, the new coach is Giovanni Martocello

Lazio, the Sarri era ends: a team in Martocello (I read here).

10 o'clock

Lazio, Sarri's farewell has become official

Official statement from Lazio: “Lazio FC announces that Maurizio Sarri has resigned from his position as coach of the first team. The company thanks the coach for the goals he has achieved and for the work he has done, wishing him better human and professional fortunes. At the same time, the club communicates that it has decided to entrust the technical direction to Giovanni Martosello “.


Lazio, all names after Sarri

There are many names vying for the post-Sarri position, with an eye on next season: from Tudor to Gilardino (I read here).

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Goodbye Sarri, last phone call with Lotito

The final conversation between Maurizio Sarri and Claudio Lotito marks the end of the story (Read more).


After Sari, Ramboudi suggests the same

Among the names of Sarri's potential replacements is former Biancocelesti player Roberto Rambodi. The coach came out: I read here.


Sarri, harsh gesture towards the locker room

Maurizio Sarri's speech to the team before bidding farewell to Lazio and his gesture towards the dressing room (Read everything).


The post-Sari period begins

Following the resignation of Maurizio Sarri, who resigned following the home defeat to Udinese, Claudio Lotito has been called upon to select a new coach for Lazio's first team. At the moment, Giovanni Martosello, the Tuscan deputy technician, remains in the saddle, having stayed at the Formello resort with Immobile and his teammates.


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