Mother and daughter die within hours. Only one funeral

Mother and daughter die within hours.  Only one funeral

They were very close in the relationship between mother and daughter and fate led them to leave this world within a few hours of each other. The 65-year-old daughter died the day before yesterday after a struggle with illness a few hours after his passing at the age of 92. – One year old mother. We miss them as they lived: together. Sonia Surmani, 65, is a well-known shop owner in Aso, Erba and Canzo where she has had a clothing store over the years, and her mother, Giuseppina Pratopivera. United in life as well as in death, in fact the funeral for mother and daughter will be held today from 11am at Aso Parish Church.

Always in touch

Her friend Camilla Merone recounts when Sonia told her she had a special connection with her mother: “Sonia died almost at the same time as her mother, with whom she had a relationship so deep that she said she was ‘connected.’” Certainly the funerals celebrated in At the same time it is a gesture that will remember this great connection – recalls the friend – “He was a person with a very special personality and great creativity, an important personality, who left no room for compromise and hid sensitivity. He asked for affection.” A friendship born in the shop with Silvia Tresoldi: “Sonia was a dear friend. I went to visit her every day in the hospital. She was hospitalized in Valdos, and unfortunately yesterday afternoon came the news of her death. Recently released from the hospital for my birthday, he filled my house with flowers, which is a lovely gesture. He was a shy person but with a big heart. Few people knew about her illness, and she was very secretive about some things, but she was very afraid. “I tried to stay close to her with all my family members.”


A friendship born from the relationship between shop owner and customer: “Kanzo is that too, it still has that dimension of neighborhood shops where you get to know people. She had this great passion for clothes, which led her to open more stores in different countries.” Sonia Sormani was not married and had no children, and left behind her sister Antonella. Her connection with her mother is important and her passion for her work is great, as explained by Melissa Sacchi, president of “Canzo Oltre le Vetrine.” …” The Merchants Association of which she was the founder.

“We put a candle outside the shop in her memory, along with a few words to remember her. She said she had a special relationship with her mother, Giuseppina. “Sonia was a surrogate person who surprised you but was able to create a unique bond and friendship. She died on Thursday and her mother passed away on Wednesday. A huge disappointment.”

The mother was a guest at the Don Bozzoli Home for the Aged in Canzo, the town where her daughter had a clothing store on Via Meda: Vintage Eni, a wonderful section of slightly outdated clothing. “At first it was in the center of Aso, then it moved to Arba in the Corso XXV Aprile area and now it is in Via Meda in Canzo. He was one of the enthusiastic founders of “Canzo Oltre le Vetrine”. The women’s family was originally from Aso, and Sonia had recently lived in Kalio.

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