The risk of a new war in Bosnia is ‘very real’ –

Report of the High Representative of Bosnia Schmidt to the United Nations: Threats from the national leader
Milorad Dodik to rebuild a Serbian army that could blow up the Dayton Accords and lead to secession

Following statements by members of the European Parliament and Croatian Prime Minister Plenkovic, concern over the heightened ethnic tensions caused by the Bosnian Serb leader’s statements Milorad Dodik, Now the main representative of the international community in Bosnia warned that the country in imminent danger of division and that there is a very real possibility of a return to conflict.

In a report to the United Nations, he predicted guardian
And Christian Schmidt is the High Representative of Bosnia and Herzegovina. warns of the danger that Serbian separatists have re-established their own army, dividing the national armed forces into two parts. A scenario that could trigger a war on the thirtieth anniversary of the start of the conflict in the Balkans.

The history of ethnic unification of the army in Bosnia and Herzegovina dates back to 2006. Although the integration process took place under pressure from the international community, the birth of a similar uniform for Serb, Croat and Bosnian (Muslim Bosnian) soldiers was welcomed by many. As a sign of real hope. However, there has been no further improvement over the years. Now the maintenance of international peace in Bosnia is entrusted to a residual European Union force (EUFOR), of 700 men. NATO maintains a spread in Sarajevo.

One year term for both pending renewal this week at the UN Security CouncilBut Russia has threatened to block a decision unless all references to the High Representative are removed, potentially undermining Schmidt’s authority as overseer of the 1995 Dayton Peace Agreement.

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In his first report since taking office in August, Schmidt, a former minister in the German government, He warned that Bosnia faces the greatest existential threat in the post-war period. Bosnian Serb leader, Milorad Dodik threatens to withdraw from international and national institutions including the national army and reconstitute a Serbian force.

On 14 October, Dodik threatened to force the Bosnian army to withdraw from Republika Srpska (the Serb half of Bosnia), all while warning that there were friends who could support the Serbian cause, with a clear reference to Moscow.

Last month, Bosnian Serb police conducted anti-terror exercises on Jahorina Mountain, where Serb forces bombed Sarajevo during the 1992-1995 siege. This amounts to an unannounced breakupSchmidt wrote in a report delivered Friday to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres. According to the report, Dodik’s actions threaten peace and stability in the country and the region, and if not responded to by the international community, may lead to the termination of the Dayton Accords. The High Representative also said that there might be clashes between the Bosnian national law enforcement authorities and the Bosnian Serb police.

Schmidt’s report was delivered as the UN Security Council prepared its annual resolution to renew the peacekeeping mandate for EUFOR and NATO headquarters, with a vote scheduled for tomorrow.

The Kremlin opposes Schmidt’s appointment and refuses to recognize his authority. A diplomat involved in the negotiations said I think what Russia really wants is to undermine the authority of the Office of the High Representative by preventing it from reporting to the council.

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US Deputy Secretary of State Gabriel Escobar told Congress last week that the United States is working with the European Union to make sure there are consequences for any illegal or destabilizing actions in Bosnia. But it is unclear whether the Biden administration will support the new NATO involvement.

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