The ropes failed and the young man in disguise fell into the void

The ropes failed and the young man in disguise fell into the void

And com. jove A 25-year-old lost his life while trying to surprise some children Dressed Subordinate Barry Noel. The fatal accident occurred in the city Chelyabinska Russiawhen the boy was trying to get off Facade Hanging on a rope, from Pace 24. The atmosphere was festive, but something went wrong on the twenty-third floor, and he fell from the balcony into the void. The audience recorded the scene, which included children and parents gathered to watch the arrival of the Christmas symbol.

he Barry Noel A masked Russian rushed into the void and died instantly. Among the crowd were his son and wife, who witnessed the scene in horror. Some laughed, perhaps thinking it was a Christmas joke. But that was not the case, as the safety ropes and the young man failed It crashed into the snow-covered structure on the first floor For the bloc, as the British newspaper explained pass. After the parents and children realized what was happening, they gathered around the Christmas tree at the gates of the building in amazement and hysteria.

He fell on the roof of the first floor

The body was lying on the structure of the first floor of the residential building, which allowed the children not to see the masked body of one of the film's heroes. Nadal. the Fatal fallregistered in video It spread on social media, spreading very quickly and garnering millions of copies and comments.

On the other hand, the housing unit management company demolished the facade of this building Barry Noel He issued an apologetic statement, confirming that the climber was “A Experienced specialist“And the holiday has become one “The terrible calamity”. They explained that “a climber dressed as Santa Claus fell while descending from his house and died.”

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