Electricity bills: No extension to the protected market

Electricity bills: No extension to the protected market
Electricity bills: No extension to the protected market

Electricity bills: No extension to the protected market. Environment Minister Gilberto Bechetto Frattin explains how the transition to a free market will take place.

There will be cycling / The Minister on a bicycle: 4.5 million Italians will need to be informed about the transition to the free market.

Electricity bills: Are you “not at risk”? In 2024 you have to choose…

Within a few months, all (or almost all) Italians will have to choose any one of them The most suitable profile. Without being a public authority anymore Arera To determine the price periodically. And There will be no extension in 2024This is contrary to what some major newspapers expected. “There is a dialogue with the European Union, but it is not an extension of the deadline January 10, 2024The minister explained. “Technical implementation methods are being defined“Explaining the protected energy market,” he added.It comes to millions of local users who are broadly divided into two groups: Weak and not weak. The latter are those with whom one can do it Turn off the light if they don’t pay“But there are practical issues to manage, such as changes to utility codes.

4.5 million Italian users are at stake: Electrical I will give you the information to choose

But it is clear that even if these families do not face special economic difficulties, this is necessary Teach them properly Of the choice before them: “The assessment I make and what I propose to the government is to say: move the gods no exhibitiontheon 4.5-5 million usersIt takes time, because we need to inform all the familiesThe Minister stressed that:There’s a whole stage to see too with Banks. There is every one Information campaign Which takes a few months. But this does not mean extending the dateIn practice, as the Minister predicted, the “non-vulnerable” will get it 6-7 months for selection Best operator. So the final shift can be risky Since September, Knowing that the seven months will end in mid-July. Electrical However, it will provide all the useful information to guide those who have to switch to the free market to make the right decision.

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