European Competition for Young Scientists: a unique opportunity for students between 14 and 20 years old, deadline 2 February 2024

European Competition for Young Scientists: a unique opportunity for students between 14 and 20 years old, deadline 2 February 2024

The demonstration Youth and science It works to enhance and enhance the scientific and technological skills and potential of Italian children, providing them with the most important opportunities to compare, grow and realize themselves in science and its applications.

The EUCYS-European Union Young Scientists Competition has reached its 35th edition; It is held in Katowice in Poland from 9 to 14 September 2024. Finalists from 38 countries are proposed by different national organizations selected by the European Commission (in Italy FAST-Federation of Scientific and Technical Societies); They present their projects in various scientific sectors to the jury and compete for cash prizes (4 first prizes worth 7,000 euros, 4 second prizes worth 5,000 euros and 4 third prizes worth 3,500 euros), free internships in the best European research centers, and participation in the Nobel Prize distribution ceremony. In Stockholm on December 10, 2024, and registration for other competitions in the USA, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Brussels… and much more.

Therefore, Italian high school students are invited to submit original and innovative projects in the FAST competition “Youth and Science”. By February 2, 2024. The best works examined by the jury are accepted at the exhibition and award ceremony from 16 to 18 March 2024 in Milan at the FAST headquarters in Piazza Rodolfo Morandi 2.

Among the final projects, in addition to identifying the three best contributions and the six young people who will represent Italy at EUCYS, FAST also awards important prizes for participation in the best international competitions to deserving girls and boys. Among the many opportunities, it is worth noting the following:

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  • Regeneron ISEF, International Science and Engineering Fair, Los Angeles, (CA, USA), May 11-17; Prizes exceeding $6 million
  • GENIUS Olympiad, an international competition on environmental issues, science, engineering, music, art, writing, and robotics, RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology), Rochester (NY-USA), June 10-14; Awarding medals
  • ZIENTZIA Bilbao Science Fair, Bilbao (Basque Country), June
  • ESE EUROPE, European Science Exhibition, Milcet, Sarajevo, Bosnia, 14 – 20 July; Certificates of merit
  • LIYSF, International Youth Science Forum, London, England, July 24 – August 7; Non-competitive but unique to the Imperial College experience
  • SJWI, Stockholm Junior Water Prize, Stockholm (Sweden), 17 – 22 August; First prize: $15,000
  • 38th CASTIC – International Science, Technology and Innovation Competition, Tianjin (China), August; Merit medals
  • Mostratech, International Technology Fair, Novo Hamburgo (Brazil), October; Medals
  • BUCA IMSEF, International Music, Science and Engineering Fair, BUCA-Izmir (Turkey), November; Merit medals
  • TISF, Taiwan International Science Fair, Taipei, February 2025; Cash prizes. EUCYS is required by the institutions of the Community (Parliament, Commission, Council) and the governments of the Member States of the Union; Supported by the Directorate General of Research with the Horizon programme.

Youth and Science is an initiative of the “Io Merito” program to promote excellence in the Ministry of Education and Merit. Therefore, finalists receive the same cash prize as those who graduate with honors. The competition aims to enhance students’ interest in science and research and encourage them to pursue scientific careers.

More information about participation requirements and the characteristics of the required projects is available on the website:

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