Microsoft and Activision, new antitrust meeting in the UK next week –

Microsoft and Activision, new antitrust meeting in the UK next week –

Lawyers and some executives in Microsoft And the activation He will appear before the CMA, andAntitrust in the UKearly next week for a match Which will also be attended by Phil Spencer and Rima Alily, General Counsel of the Redmond House.

As you may recall, the British Commission has so far expressed more than one bewilderment regarding theActivision Blizzard acquisitionand issuing reports highlighting how Microsoft is acquiring studios and making its games exclusive, which has caused a lot of anger in the company.

“The next formal step for final approval of the deal will come towards the end of January, when the European Commission must formally express any objections to the acquisition,” the Post Up profile said, adding that there could be delays though Microsoft will try to expedite matters.

In the second phase, the CMA appears less concerned with previously expressed concerns that Microsoft may leverage its software and cloud services to influence competition in the gaming market.

In short, it may seem strange that in recent days the situation has reversed, with the American front insisting on blocking the process and the European one that could soften its positions instead, see also the opposition about the reasons expressed by the Federal Trade Commission by the European antitrust.

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