Shot with Stankovic. Outside you are Sampdoria

Shot with Stankovic.  Outside you are Sampdoria
Sampdoria training: resume with Stankovic. Outside you are Sampdoria




Sampdoria training: Preparation for the Turin match has resumed. Six Sampdoria are absent

Immediately on the field. there Sampdoria She met this Monday afternoon, May 1, at the Sports Center Mills Bogliasco to work immediately in view of the midweek shift with TurinIt is scheduled for Wednesday at Ferraris (18.00). Diane Stankovic His team divided the team into two groups: Dumping in the gym for the players they are most used with Florentine; Full training of other team members.

Mehdi Larishe was replaced during a challenge Franks He underwent treatment for a bruise on his right shoulder. differentiated sessions for Andrew ContiAnd Manuel DeLuca And Bram Neutinkwhile Emile Audiro And Ignacio Busito Each of them continues the path of recovery. Tomorrow, Tuesday, is scheduled to finish the afternoon due to the grenade match.

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