I haven’t seen her for 10 years

I haven’t seen her for 10 years

Jacqueline vents to Luna Di Giacomo after her mother Heather Parisi’s interview with Belve. The 23-year-old denied the showgirl’s statements about her.

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Some of the statements he made Heather Parisi during a loop monsters Broadcast on Tuesday, March 14, did not please his daughter Jacqueline Luna DiGiacomo. The showgirl said she was able to see her and her husband’s children regularly from a previous relationship. So he denied rumors of a conflict relationship with Jacqueline. In these hours, the ventilator of the 23-year-old reached.

Jacqueline Luna Di Giacomo’s eruption after meeting Heather Parisi

In a post on Instagram Stories, Jacqueline Luna Di Giacomo denied what Heather Parisi had said: “I will always respect my mother, despite her absence in my life. I felt disrespected last night, and I am forced to admit a sad reality that I personally prefer not to share. I haven’t seen my mother in 10 years.”. Then he added:

So I distance myself from what was said. She doesn’t know anything about my life except through social networks like you. I ask that you respect my privacy, especially regarding such a sensitive subject. I’m just Jacqueline Luna, and I’d like to talk someday about what I’m made of. To Jacques who will work in the world of cinema and to @giveme.brand.

What Heather Parisi had to say about her daughter, Jacqueline Luna Di Giacomo and Ultimo

Heather Parisi said, during an interview with Beasts, that she has a good relationship with all of her children and that she sees and hears them regularly, consistent with the fact that some of them are scattered all over the world. So he denied rumors of quarrels with Jacqueline. Furthermore, when Francesca Vagnani asked her if she was happy to be Ultimo’s mother-in-law, she cut it short by avoiding going along with gossip:

mother-in-law who? I don’t know what you are talking about. We made a pact in the family, no one talks about private situations. I don’t talk about my story, much less talk about my daughter’s private things. Gossip is like a mosquito bite: at first it’s just a small blob, then if you start scratching it it gets bigger and bigger. People enjoy this stuff, but gossip is not for me.

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