Charlotte Casiraghi is pregnant. “Unwelcome pregnancy in the Palazzo”

Charlotte Casiraghi is pregnant.  “Unwelcome pregnancy in the Palazzo”

Charlotte Casiraghi is pregnant with her third child And the lamb would not have been well received by the Palazzo. But it’s not Charlene of Monaco who makes sweet anticipation bitter, to exploit the pun. It seems that the grandmother of the future is the one who objected to him, Caroline Monaco.

Charlotte Casiraghi and Dimitri Rassam are expecting their second child

Only the official announcement is missing, but it is now almost certainly so Charlotte Casiraghi is expecting her third child. In fact, she is indeed the mother of Raphael Elmaleh, from a previous relationship with actor Gad Elmaleh, and of Thazar Rassam, born from the love of her husband Dimitri who will thus become a father again (he will also be his third child, because he is Daria’s father from his former partner). According to the magazine, VoiciCharlotte, who first gave the news of the pregnancy, had her mother, Caroline of Monaco, and the rest of the Grimaldi family announce the sweet expectations during a New Year’s Eve party.

Although many have speculated that this pregnancy may be unwelcome Charlene MonacoSince it seemed that the princess and her husband, Alberto, wanted another child, Carolina’s reaction surprised everyone.

Of course, there is no evidence that things actually happened that way. But from some recent statements made by Charlotte Casiraghi about her mother, it was believed that Carolina wasn’t as excited about the arrival of her new nephew or niece as her parents had hoped.

Charlotte Casiraghi is pregnant and Caroline of Monaco is not pregnant

Just before Christmas Charlotte Casiraghi He gave an interview to the prestigious magazine Town and Country. Among the many things he talked about, He told about his relationship with his mother, Caroline Monacoand select it “compound”. “I don’t necessarily want to reveal everything that happens between us, but it always is mixed feelings. “I feel like even when you have kids, you still struggle with having your own space,” said Charlotte.

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The fact that he recounted the difficulties with his mother and having children bore the magazine here To conclude that between Charlotte and Carolina it is not all pink and floral and that also and above all for Casiraghi’s new pregnancy. According to a source, the sweet expectation was not well received by those around her. “Many people They don’t really understand why they decided to have another baby When it is clear that everything is not right between them, ”said the insider, referring to the problems between Charlotte and Dimitri about which various rumors have been circulating for some time. Among those who will not be excited about this new baby will be Carolina.

Charlotte Casiraghi pregnant Dimitri Rassam reaction

Whoever put all his hopes in this pregnancy is the father of the future Dimitri is a painter Which witnesses the Year of Redemption in 2023. The producer is busy with the series The Three Musketeers with Vincent Cassel. The business has suffered many interruptions due to the pandemic and now hopes to be a hit.

If he expects a lot from a professional point of view, then no less than from private life. In contrast to her mother-in-law’s bad mood, Dimitri seems excited to have another child and this pregnancy is evidence of the end of the crisis with his wife, Charlotte. A source said that the couple is hoping it will be a girl. “Charlotte has always wanted to be like her mother and have a big family. After the birth of two sons, Now he dreams that she is a little girl…”.

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