IKEA relies on information technology to build loyalty and train its workers

IKEA relies on information technology to build loyalty and train its workers

a IKEA It is clear that in addition to the quality and price of the product, there is another element that determines the purchase decision made by the customer regarding the good or service: the care provided. For this reason, the Swedish multinational wants to have a sufficient, qualified and satisfied workforce. For this reason, they turned to technology.

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The Swedish multinational is supported to achieve this through a tool, the app Human resources management (HCM, from Oracle), to keep its customers and employees at the center of the organization's strategy to improve business agility. And so the company committed to becoming one Retailer Able to provide accessibility through an omni-channel experience. But the factor is essential:

“We want to improve the worker experience, and for that reason, we try to hire and retain the right people skills True, which is not easy at all in the context of actions. Employee experience is key to our success. Many employees want a job that adds value to them and contributes to their overall well-being. “By applying an approach that combines human resources and technology, we can move flexibly, respond quickly to employee needs and aspirations, and prepare for the future.” Emila DilekGroup Digital Transformation Director.

In search of a smarter strategy

Therefore, IKEA uses flexible and scalable tools to manage, train and get the most out of its workforce. The above tools are designed to be accessed through phones and tablets, so everyone can get real-time information that contributes to the improvement of the organization. thanks for the Machine learning (ML), talent can automatically align with needs that often change in competitive environments.

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