Poste Italiane 2023: many new and interesting services in the starting blocks

Poste Italiane 2023: many new and interesting services in the starting blocks

With the aim of increasing the number of its customers more and more and expanding its clientele, Poste Italiane gives the go-ahead for new interesting services. Here are all the news expected with the advent of the new year.

Poste Italiane aims higher than ever and with the voice of General Manager Matteo Del Fante announces a new year full of service. Starting from the integration between Lis and Poste, passing through the offer of energy supply contracts that can be signed with Poste. Among the many new features are also home drug delivery and the inevitable launch of new postal savings bonds.

The integration between Lis and Poste is undoubtedly the most pressing challenge for the Poste Italiane world, just as Del Fante explained himself to Corriere“It is one of the great matches that lie ahead. It is very important for us to integrate a very wide network of 55,000 points, like that of cigarette sellers, with our network of post offices in the best possible way. The aim of the merger – continues the managing director of Poste Italiane – is Enhancing PostePay’s role in payment services. And as far as the insurance front is concerned, Del Fante says he is satisfied with the arrangement with Anima and expects no increase in the current 11% stake.

Among the novelties, there is also talk of an offer of energy supply contracts, which can be signed with the Post Office. However, it seems that there is no official date for its launch, we think of the first months of the new year. Home delivery of medicines is also among Poste Italiane’s projects. At the moment, the process is being tested in 170 Italian municipalities and aims to deliver medicines at a controlled temperature. Moreover, starting from the new year, Poste Italiane will expand the range of savings bonds.

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Poste Italiane: The new postal savings bond

For the world of Poste Italiane, there are many innovations coming with the new year. Among them, without a doubt, is a wide range of fruit links, really suitable for every type of need. All offered products have no subscription and redemption costs, with the exception of tax charges. In addition, Poste offers the ability to request the repayment of invested capital at any time during the limitation period, is easy to sign up for and has the advantage of preferential taxation.


Among the products on offer is the Renewal Coupon with a total annual return at maturity of 3.25%. A sustainable savings bond with a fixed yield increase and the possibility, at expiration, of a performance-related bonus. Or the voucher intended for beneficiaries of inheritance procedures concluded in Poste Italiane, inheritance settlement voucher with an annual total return of 3%.

In short, a year 2023 full of enthusiasm for many new projects and services awaits Poste Italiane and all its customers.

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