“are you angry?” , confused – Libero Quotidiano

“are you angry?”  , confused – Libero Quotidiano

An embarrassing curtain on the “Bella Ma” talk show she hosted Pierluigi Diaco On Ray 2. During the December 7 episode, the band leader gave an interview Paula Barali. The showgirl then took questions from the kids in the studio divided between Generation Z and Boomers. Well, while Barali was speaking, Dyako moved to take a sip of water saying, “Come on, I have to go away for a moment.”

Barral was speechless and replied with a little embarrassment: “Excuse me, but have you already broken a page…?”. Diako, after reaching Paraly again, was eager to explain what had happened: “I had to go away to take a sip of water. I was thirsty.” After two hours of living“.

La Parral “forgave” the host and enthusiastically continued her interview by answering the questions of the boys present at the study. And to those who asked him if he didn’t miss someone saying “I love you,” Barral replied in a very clear way: “Yes, I was never alone and never made to be alone. Then I grew up following the example of my parents who have been together for over 60 years because we’ve always tried to try to make things right now, Instead, we fall apart more easily.”

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