Post office, you still have a few days to get your money back

Post office, you still have a few days to get your money back

The possibility of requesting the return of part of the expenses incurred during the year. Here, then, is what the post office provides

(ANSA / Italian Posts / 111 / Cagliari)

Finally, the CashbackPoste Italiane has extended March 31 The initiative is calledPostePay Cashback“which provides for repayment of up to 3 euros. This is an idea born in 2021 with the aim of encouraging and promoting the use of digital payments throughPostePay application.

Therefore, the possibility of ordering a portion of the money indicates accurate returns expenses incurred during the year. Here, then, what the post office offers and with what payments economic discounts can even be requested 3 euro.

PostePay Cashback is coming, what to do

Italian Post He has activated a cashback service, called “PostePay Cashback”, which will allow customers to receive reimbursement for expenses incurred during the year, up to a maximum 3 euro. Here’s what the list provides.

It was PostePay Cashback they expanded until the March 31, 2022the period during which 1 euro cashback can be obtained for each transaction made, greater than or equal to 10 euro. The maximum amount to be refunded in respect of expenses made will be €10 per day.

Money will be refunded through PostePay icona payment service that allows holders of prepaid or debit cards, specifically, PostePay, to make purchases simply by framing QR Code Displayed inside the service points of sale.


“The customer who owns PostePay Card, Prepaid you hate religion – As explained by Poste Italiane in a note posted on its official website – you will be able to get cashback of €3 (instead of €1) for every transaction Equal to or more than €10 with PostePay code, the maximum refund passes from 10 to 15 euros daily”.

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A system very reminiscent of the cash back system introduced by the second Conte government and abolished by the government led by Mario Draghi. Therefore, PostePay card holders will be able to benefit from cashback for Become familiar with With digital payments throughPostePay app.

Furthermore, PostePay Cashback can be applied to payments made to some Merchants and supermarkets and companies Affiliate taxis With PostePay code. However, hmm Excluded Payments with PostePay Code made in Post offices and by flyers Banks in tobacco.

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