“The United States risks a major nuclear explosion”

“The United States risks a major nuclear explosion”

Former Russian President Dmitriy Medvedev, Now among the top advisors put it inCautious United States of America Than to continue to ‘strike, humiliate or attempt to destroy Russiacould lead to a miserable crisis ending in a major nuclear explosion, “according to Reuters reports. Tension between the United States and the Kremlin is increasing every day, as are threats to resort to nuclear weapons. The fear that the war could escalate further, turning into a global confrontation, is real. US President Joe Biden is on his way to Europe today, ready to meet with NATO leaders.In the meantime, they are warning Moscow that trying to overturn Putin’s leadership could have devastating effects.

Medvedev’s threat

According to Medvedev, Washington is planning a long-running plot to destroy Russia. According to the former president, the United States has plotted against Moscow since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991. “The views of Medvedev, who was once considered one of the least aggressive members of Putin’s circle, give insight into thinking within the Kremlin as Moscow faces its biggest confrontation with the West. Since the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis. While the United States has reiterated several times not to seek Russia’s collapse, Putin said the process of disarming Ukraine was necessary to prevent the White House from using Kyiv as a springboard to strike Moscow.

Medvedev said that the destruction of the world’s largest country by area could lead to an unstable leadership in Moscow “with the largest number of nuclear weapons targeting targets in the United States and Europe. The collapse of Russia would lead to five or six countries arming with atomic bombs throughout the Eurasian bloc, “It is run by fanatics and extremists. Is it a dystopia or a crazy future prediction?” Medvedev said.

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