Trump sues the FBI, ‘had 300 top-secret documents at home’

Trump sues the FBI, ‘had 300 top-secret documents at home’

Donald Trump sues the US government for FBI Blitz in Mar-a-Lago Where, according to rumors, they were also recovered 300 secret documents. The former US president submitted a proposal to the Southern District of Florida, calling for a special master to be appointed to review and examine papers searched by federal agents at his home.

The documents filed with Judge Eileen Cannon, who was appointed by Trump himself, contain a series of accusations and allegations. The blitzkrieg – which we read in newspapers reported by the American media – is dictated by “politics” and “politics cannot be allowed to have an effect on justice.

Trump is clearly the frontrunner for the 2024 Republican primary and the 2024 general election if he decides to run. Furthermore, his endorsements in the 2022 midterm elections were crucial to the GOP candidates. In asserting his “rights with respect to the ‘unnecessary’ attack.”

The Department of Justice says it is aware of the proposal made and confirms that it will respond in the appropriate forum. If Cannon accepts Trump’s request to appoint a special master, the process of reviewing documents seized by the FBI in Mar-a-Lago would lengthen and also slow the government’s investigation into whether he obstructed a federal investigation. In other cases related to Trump, special professors have been appointed, for example for former attorney Michael Cohen. Trump’s request for a private master is not unusual: a third-party attorney – also employed by Trump’s ex-lawyer Michael Cohen – is usually a retired judge, who reviews the evidence collected and determines whether it is protected by attorney privilege. client. According to CNN, something uncommon about Trump’s request is the fact that the proposal was made two weeks after the FBI attack. This may indicate a behind-the-scenes disagreement among lawyers about how to proceed.

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Trump’s lawsuit comes as a deadline nears set by Bruce Reinhart, the Florida judge who allowed the FBI hijacker, to show the Justice Department for Mars search testimony omissions. a-Lago. Reinhart gave the Justice Department until Thursday to make omissions it deemed necessary to release the document. Emphasizing his desire to publish the affidavit, Reinhart admitted that he “cannot say at the present time whether the omissions” from the Department of Justice would be so significant as to render the publication “meaningless.”

The FBI’s lightning attack in Mar-a-Lago came after months of tug-of-war and resistance from Donald Trump. . has been reported Washington Post Citing an April 12 email delivered to the former president’s attorney informing him that federal agents would begin examining materials recovered from the National Archives from his home in January. The email represented a critical turning point in the Trump investigation into the handling of classified documents that then led to the search for the former president’s home.

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