On the air, Mezze avalanches against the opposition: “Because the government will continue”

On the air, Mezze avalanches against the opposition: “Because the government will continue”

In Enda, La7’s in-depth journalistic program conducted by Luca Tellesi and Mariana Abril, Meloni’s government becomes a topic of discussion. In particular, the topic of discussion is dedicated to you, the card presented by the Prime Minister and whose creation aims to support needy families in purchasing basic necessities. If Annalisa Cuzucrea and Giovanni Flores attack the majority, Mauro Mazza wanted to clarify and foresee a “long political horizon” for the leader of the Brotherhood of Italy.

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The fronts on which Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni must keep her attention are growing. However, according to recent polls, the political force led by the Prime Minister is confirmed in the first place in the scale of preferences of Italians. Responding to Annalisa Cuzzocrea, deputy director of the newspaper La Stampa, and to Giovanni Floris, presenter of Dimartedì, who tried in vain to deny the data that appeared on the parties, Mauro Mazza felt the need to evaluate the work of Giorgia Meloni. The former director of Rai news explained to his interlocutors and La7 viewers what will be the fate of the current government. “I think Meloni’s political horizon is long and therefore there is plenty of time to resolve these obstacles as well,” Mezze began.

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Then the journalist went on to stress the lack of valid proposals for the opposition: “Melloni has a long horizon ahead of him because in fact there is a conflict in the opposition. I will tell you more after the uproar of these weeks and I am sure there will be some change after receiving the attacks,” Mezze said. And there will be precisely because the legislative horizon is long.”

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