USA: Tourists are back in New York, but the big Chinese are absent – Ultima Ora

USA: Tourists are back in New York, but the big Chinese are absent – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – NEW YORK, March 31 – Tourists are back in New York. According to the latest data from NYC & Company, the organization that deals with tourism promotion for the Big Apple, there were 33 million visitors in 2021 while it is estimated that by 2022 the number will reach 56 million, about ten million at least. from pre-pandemic levels.

NYC & Company also estimates that in 2022 there will be a 70% increase in the number of tourists overall with about 8 million tourists from abroad, mainly from Europe.

However, the Chinese are absent, and they are not yet allowed outside the borders of China. According to the New York Times, their absence affects the city’s economy because they are the type who lean toward longer stays and spend more. At the moment they are trying to fill the gap with visitors from Mexico, Brazil and Australia.

For those coming from Italy, NYC & Company has reported to ANSA, the number is skyrocketing. By 2022 – explained Chris Heywood, executive vice president of global communications at New York City & Company – there are expected to be 317,000 visitors by 2023, and we estimate there will be 473,000.

In 2021, it was only 52,000. Mayor Eric Adams has committed $10 million to promote the city, and a new ‘Get Local NYC’ campaign has been launched to entice tourists to visit all five municipalities. And it’s not Manhattan. Finally, it is estimated that 2023 will be the year when the same number of tourists will be in Pre-pandemic stage (ANSA).

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